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Starter Pack

  • Design signatures from the editor
  • Access to templates
  • Import images with limited size (width 150 px)
  • Add hyperlinks
  • Import / update database
  • Segmentation by domain
  • Social follow widgets
  • Automatically update signature
  • Automatically add signature to each new email

Professional Pack

  • Access to a technical managment interface
  • Create subsidiaries with own campaigns managers
  • Multi-directory and multi-file synchronization
  • SMTP relay to cover mobile and tablet users
  • Create specific segments of users depending of your organization
  • Multi-signatures managment and delegation
  • Differents signatures for responses/transfers
Letsignit campagne offer details

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Campain planning

  • Insert event banners with internal and external audiences
  • Automatic signature distinction: internal and external exchanges
  • Premium social media widgets: last post facebook, twitter, agenda, flux RSS...
  • Create campaign from the editor or source
  • Import images without size restrictions


  • Links tracking
  • Notifications and alerts on clicks
  • Export of the clickers
  • Dashboard access