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Voray Virtual Panel: How to use your entire organization to drive lead generation?

December 15, 2022

Discover advices from amazing B2B Marketing leaders Leela Gill, CMO at 1health, Avi Bhatnagar, Vice President & Growth Marketing at Commvault & Jessica Runnion, Senior Demand Gen Manager at Letsignit.

Here are some topics that will be discussed during the panel:

  • Using digital channels to drive inbound lead generation
  • Incentives and rewards for referrals
  • Employee content creation
  • Employer Brand strategies

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We needed a solution that meets the level of security required by a bank and integrates directly into Outlook. Letsignit meets this dual requirement, especially since obtaining its ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 certifications!
Sandra Greco
 — Project Communication Manager within the BDD Development Department
"It is a tool that is both simple and powerful for standardizing employees' email signatures. Additionally, it treats the signature as a new media and can be used as a low-cost acquisition channel. All of this is integrated into Microsoft Office 365.”
Carole Benichou
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I've been using Letsignit for two and a half years, after trying other email signature products at previous companies. Letsignit stands out from the competition thanks to its strong AD integration and excellent customer support. Additionally, their feature set continues to evolve and become more robust.
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The effortless integration of Letsignit with Office 365 has resulted in a high adoption rate of the solution by our employees. The signatures are contextualized according to our campaigns, and their profiles have become a standard service of their Office account.
Guillaume Mikowski
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Perfectly integrated with the Microsoft 365 & Outlook platform, Letsignit perfectly meets the needs of large accounts with disconcerting simplicity!
Olivier Lanilis
 — ISV Lead
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It strikes a great balance between being flexible and easy for people to use, without requiring any HTML or design skills. The support team has been very helpful, and new features are released regularly. The software has been very stable.
Daniel Laughland
 — SVP of Software Engineering