Boost your campaign results by harnessing the power of your employees' emails

The average employee sends 30 emails per day. Break through the noise of the inbox by putting your email signatures to work with targeted marketing & communication campaigns.

Engage your audiences throughout the whole journey – not just when they're visiting your site. Your employees become your best advocates.

Email signatures are the most overlooked
marketing channel, see for yourself.

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emails sent each month
by your company


of visibility for your brand
according to our study


potential clicks on your email signatures
(website, social networks, calendar, etc.)

Turn daily conversations into measurable conversions

Create, assign, and deploy marketing campaigns to a team, department, or individual. Manage priority rules and encourage employees to select the campaign that best matches their contacts.

Sales can forward your latest promotion or success story. HR shares their latest recruitment offers. Marketing sends the latest eBook. Customer Success shares a satisfaction survey.

Engage employees where they truly are

Did you know that 28% of your employees’ work time is spent on their emails? With Letsignit's internal targeted campaign, you can display specific messages to all employees via internal email.

Training, enterprise events, CSR initiatives, change management, suggestion boxes, surveys… the possibilities are endless.

Track performance and take the guesswork out of marketing

With Letsignit, you can track the performance of every email signature. Know who clicks what. Measure traffic. Make data-driven decisions based on the real-time data from every campaign.

Plus point: The traffic generated by your email signatures and Letsignit campaigns will automatically appear in your Google Analytics console.

Don’t take our word for it.
More than 1 million people trust Letsignit with every email they send.

Letsignit enhances and elevates our brand image, making it more dynamic. With the platform, we can create both internal and external campaigns to highlight events or promotions.
Corinne Demange
Digital Marketing Officer
322 equipped employees
I love how Letsignit enables me to create multiple campaigns and set the senders who can use them. This allows our Sales and Marketing teams to promote different campaigns and improve our lead generation efforts!
Laura Walter
Brand & Design Manager
Campaigns and signature templates are incredibly user-friendly. If you've ever had to manually update email signatures for all your staff when, for instance, you change your logo, you know how time-consuming and tedious it can be. This tool can save you so much time and effort.
Jules Latournerie
Head of Marketing
With our old signatures, we couldn't add banners or do anything else. Everything was complicated. Although some things were possible, it took a lot of time for IT to create all the signatures.
Elodie Mescam
Senior Digital Strategy & Marketing Manager
Read the success story
I love the ability to change signatures and ad campaigns with just a click. We used to have issues with uniformity when it came to new signatures or ad campaigns, so I really appreciate the main functionality of Letsignit.
Luis Pontillo
Digital Marketing Executive
Everything is customizable, and email banner management is a real plus. The statistics are an asset for optimizing your campaigns. In case of need, the chat support is fast and efficient.
Communication & Digital Marketing Officer
For us, the email signature is a channel in its own right, just like our social networks. It is subject to thoughtful planning with regard to our brand and business. Letsignit's scheduling feature allows us to manage it in a productive and efficient way.
Cyril Dhénin
Content & Performance Assistant Director
145 equipped employees

Integrated with the email tools you use and trust

Letsignit is a Microsoft Gold Partner. What does that mean for you? Simple integration. Beautiful email signatures.

Resource library

Dive deeper. Unlock the full potential of your email signatures.
asked questions
What are your tips and best practices for successful email signature campaigns?

An optimized email signature is much more than a simple image or HTML code. You need to be well-equipped and apply some good practices:

  • Maintain graphic consistency with your brand identity
  • Include a CTA (call-to-action) to encourage your audience to click
  • Write clear and impactful messages on your banners
  • Respect the recommended dimensions for your email signature

If you want to become an expert in email signatures, we invite you to read our eBook that contains our best practices, use cases, and over 40 examples of signatures and campaigns to inspire you.

Is it possible to track the performance of banner campaigns assigned to employees?

Is it possible to track the performance of banner campaigns assigned to employees?

By opting for the 'Campaigns' offer, it is possible to follow the number of clicks on the email signatures and campaigns of all your collaborators in the 'Statistics' space of the platform.

You can then access a detailed or global view of the number of clicks on the signatures and campaigns of each employee. You can use the search option to target a specific campaign or a given period. Finally, you have the possibility to export all statistics in an Excel document.

Is it possible to manage email signatures by branch or by department?

With our "multi-branch" feature, you can manage thousands of signatures – and with this, several different languages, logos, and directories. Each subsidiary has its own Letsignit workspace where designated administrators can create, assign, and manage signatures and banners according to their specific needs.

Regarding “Green IT,” have you implemented measures to limit the digital footprint of email signatures?

If sending emails has an impact, non-optimized email signatures also have an impact. An unsuitable format or an image that is too heavy considerably increases the size of your signatures... and therefore, your emails.

As a responsible economic actor, we contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions and those of our customers in several ways:

  • Optimization of the weight of signatures and campaigns in emails.
  • Green features: lightening of signatures during response/transfer emails; option to not embed images; and implementation of lighter signatures for internal exchanges.
  • Integration of a 'Switch to Teams' widget to encourage your employees to continue their exchanges via chat, rather than email.

As we are increasingly involved in sustainability initiatives, our priority in 2023 is to develop even more green IT functionality.