Amplify your brand and marketing campaigns

Turn the day-to-day conversations already happening on your team into powerful campaigns. Easily create and deploy message-driven, on-brand email signatures to broadcast your marketing campaigns.

Create and deploy harmonized, up-to-date signatures

Thanks to our wide choice of templates and our Drag & Drop Designer, you can create 100% branded email signatures in a few clicks. Assign them to the desired employees and deploy them to all their devices.​

No more technical snafus when a new employee arrives –synchronization with your corporate directory (Azure AD or local directory) automatically reflects your updates in your email signatures!​

Turn your email signatures into a marketing channel

121 professional emails are received and 30 are sent by an employee every day. Your 1-to-1 emails are an effective way to multiply your campaigns’ impact in a targeted, non-intrusive, and cost-friendly way.

Create ultra-precise segmentations on the platform. Assign specific campaigns to each of your departments.​ Your email signatures are the best way to engage each audience.

Engage with your employees where they are

How do you get a message out to your entire team? You embed the message in the email signature of every employee. From case studies to important announcements, Letsignit makes it easy to get everyone on the same page.

Track the performance of your campaigns and signatures

With Letsignit, you can track the performance of every email signature. Know what content is clicked, on which signature. Measure traffic. Make data-driven decisions based on the real-time data from every campaign.

Plus? The traffic your email signatures generate from Letsignit campaigns automatically appears in your Google Analytics console.

Don’t take our word for it.
More than 1 million people trust Letsignit with every email they send.

Ever since we implemented Letsignit, we've had an internal email signature policy in place. Believe it or not, it's been almost 10 years since we started using it - since June 2022!
Digital Communication Officer
3 000 equipped employees
We rolled out a rebrand this week and Letsignit helped tremendously. We are beyond thrilled to see everyone’s signatures finally consistent and professional-looking.
Ivanka Kostial
Lead Designer, Marketing
Letsignit enhances and elevates our brand image, making it more dynamic. With the platform, we can create both internal and external campaigns to highlight events or promotions.
Corinne Demange
Digital Marketing Officer
322 equipped employees
As soon as we have a topic we want to communicate, we know a banner will automatically be deployed in our email signatures to amplify our campaigns.
Leila Nigou
Marketing Manager
187 equipped employees
As soon as we have a topic we want to communicate, we know a banner will automatically be deployed in our email signatures to amplify our campaigns.
Nicolas Dumont
Marketing & Communication Director
500 equipped employees
Since deploying the solution, our marketing team can create and manage campaigns with ease, without needing assistance from the IT team. We've been using this solution for 2 years and it continues to improve over time.
Sylvain J.
Marketing & Communication Director
In the midst of a visual identity change, it was evident to include the update of our signatures and banners as a step in this project. We were able to easily rework our signature using the Letsignit editor.
Kim‑Mai Buiba
Internal Communication Officer
500 equipped employees

Email is personal.
That’s why security is our top priority.

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asked questions
Is it possible to manage email signatures by branch or by department?

With our "multi-branch" feature, you can manage thousands of signatures – and with this, several different languages, logos, and directories. Each subsidiary has its own Letsignit workspace where designated administrators can create, assign, and manage signatures and banners according to their specific needs.

What is the user experience like for our employees?

What is the user experience like for our employees?

  • If you opt for the Letsignit Add-in for Outlook, they will have a dedicated space in their Outlook account where they will be able to view the signatures and campaigns assigned to them.
  • If you opt for the Letsignit Desktop APP, they will be able to preview all their signatures and campaigns in this space. If they want to change their default signature to another one when sending an email, this will be done in their signature library in Outlook.

In both cases:

  • They preview their signature before sending an email and choose from signatures assigned to them.
  • Based on the permissions granted, they will also be able to modify their personal information such as their name, position, or address in these spaces.

In short, they have autonomy in their email signature, but you keep control on the field, signatures, and banners they can edit or use.

How do you support your customers?

From the very beginning of the project, we assign specialized functional and technical experts to accompany you throughout the deployment process.

After the installation of the solution, you will always benefit from support. Even though the platform is simple to use, it is essential for us to guide you until you are completely comfortable! To do so, you will benefit from a dedicated Customer Success rep who will accompany you at each step of your Letsignit experience: sharing best practices, advices, trainings... your Letsignit BFF!

They will make sure to provide you all the Letsignit know-how in order to make sure that you use the full potential of your email signatures. You’ll also have access to over 100 FAQs and our online chat.

Can my employees have multiple signatures available to them?

With our "multi-signature" feature, your employees can benefit from multiple email signatures. No technical manipulation is required. Thanks to our Add-in for Outlook or the desktop app, they can change their email signatures as they wish with just a few clicks.

Regarding the creation of email signatures, you can make several variations such as:

Everything has been thought of to go further in the personalization process based on the recipient of your emails.

Can I import an HTML email signature into Letsignit?

Yes. Thanks to our expert mode, you can design the email signature of your dreams down to the pixel! Simply import your HTML code and preview the signature directly in the platform before deploying it to your employees.

If you need guidance, our experts can help you step-by-step or even design a signature for you.

Regarding “Green IT,” have you implemented measures to limit the digital footprint of email signatures?

If sending emails has an impact, non-optimized email signatures also have an impact. An unsuitable format or an image that is too heavy considerably increases the size of your signatures... and therefore, your emails.

As a responsible economic actor, we contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions and those of our customers in several ways:

  • Optimization of the weight of signatures and campaigns in emails.
  • Green features: lightening of signatures during response/transfer emails, possibility of not embedding images, implementation of lighter signatures for internal exchanges.
  • Integration of a 'Switch to Teams' widget to encourage your employees to continue their exchanges via chat, rather than email.

As we are increasingly involved in sustainability initiatives, our priority in 2023 is to develop even more green IT functionality.

What support is provided?

You have 24/7 access to our support via our online chat or directly by email at:

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