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Standardize your email signatures
Create, manage, and automate the deployment of all your employees' email signatures.
Signatures + Campaigns


Extend the reach of your communications
Integrate banners into your email signatures and program internal and external communication campaigns.
500+ persons team


A tailor-made plan, just for you
Reach out to us for an offer specifically designed to meet the needs of organizations with 500+ employees.

Letsignit Enterprise

Letsignit offers bespoke onboarding services to help enterprise companies with over 500 employees get the most out of their email signatures.

From installation to training, including change management for your users, our experts are specialized in large account project management. Tell us more about your goals.
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Signatures + Campaigns
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Create signatures from customizable templates
Create signatures with the Drag & Drop Letsignit Designer™
Insert disclaimers into signatures
Create and push internal signatures
Create & assign specific business card according to departments, groups or locations
Benefit from multiple signatures
Use automatic signatures for reply and forward email
Insert 'Switch to Teams' into signatures
Choose default signature
Delegated signature
Signature only feature
Create signatures with HTML code
Image hosting
Calendar call-to-action
Social media call-to-actions (corporate or personal)
Signatures available in Outlook & Gmail for Windows and Mac
Signatures available on webmails for Outlook Online & Exchange & Gmail
Compatible with CRMs & sales engagement platforms via SMTP
Signatures available on all devices
Synchronization with Office 365, Gsuite & local directories
Create customizable groups
Manage users and roles
Manage multiple brand logos
Hide & block users’ attributes
Personnalize banners with the Letsignit Designer™
Simultaneous assignment and programming of internal dedicated banners and external dedicated marketing banners
Insert et schedule legal disclaimers into banners
Assign multiple banners
Assign banners according to departments, groups or locations
Delegated banners
Build-in signature and banner performance statistics
UTMs accepted for Google Analytics & others web analytics tools
Help center 24/7 
Live chat support 8-23 Monday - Friday
Telephone support
Product tour
Web formations
Available in different languages EN & FR

Easy to implement at scale. Enjoy local 24/5 support.

1-1 dedicated experts for deployment, customer care, and customer success.
Live chat support with response in less than 1 minute.
24/7 US and CA local support with a 98% satisfaction rate.
Product tour videos, help center with 400+ FAQs, and monthly web training sessions.

Don’t take our word for it.
More than 1 million people trust Letsignit with every email they send.

With Letsignit, there are no more outdated or image-format signatures! They are now all up-to-date and linked to our social networks, website, or specific campaigns!
Damien Marty
Information Systems Manager
135 equipped employees
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For us, the email signature is a channel in its own right, just like our social networks. It is subject to thoughtful planning with regard to our brand and business. Letsignit's scheduling feature allows us to manage it in a productive and efficient way.
Cyril Dhénin
Content & Performance Assistant Director
 145 equipped employees
It is a tool that is both simple and powerful for standardizing employees' email signatures. Additionally, it treats the signature as a new media and can be used as a low-cost acquisition channel. All of this is integrated into Microsoft Office 365.
Carole Benichou
Director of Microsoft 365 Division
We have internal support that receives fewer requests because we are better equipped to handle email signature issues. More importantly, we consistently promote the brand using the same visuals, while ensuring the integrity of the company's overall communication.
Jean-Philippe Henry
It strikes a great balance between being flexible and easy for people to use, without requiring any HTML or design skills. The support team has been very helpful, and new features are released regularly. The software has been very stable.
Daniel Laughland
SVP of Software Engineering
500 equipped employees
Read the success story

Email is personal.
That’s why security is our top priority.

& secure
Highly scalable 100% cloud platform hosted on Microsoft Azure
Certified with ISO 27018 and ISO 27001,
the highest global standards for information and data security
& tests
Regular security audit & penetration tests
Learn more on security
asked questions
How does Letsignit pricing work?

Letsignit pricing is based on a per user model (one user = one email address in your company). The price displayed is a monthly price per user.

So, if you have 200 employees and you choose the "Campaigns" plan to support your communication actions, that means…

200 employees x $2.00 per person x 12 months = $4,800 annually

The annual price per user is $24.00.

⚠️ For more than 500 employees, we will personalize a quote to meet your expectations.

I started with the Branding package (Signatures), but I want to switch to the Campaigns package (Signatures + Campaigns). Is this possible?

You can change your offer easily in 2 ways:

  1. Do it yourself from the Letsignit platform.
  2. Contact your dedicated Letsignit rep.

As far as billing is concerned, it will be calculated on a prorated basis according to the number of months remaining in your annual subscription.

Our team is growing. How will it work?

You can change the number of licenses as you wish directly from the platform.

As far as billing is concerned, it will be calculated according to the offer you have subscribed to.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfer, check, PayPal or a direct debit from the company's bank account (with a signed direct debit form).

Choose the one that suits you best!

Does Letsignit offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

Letsignit is very committed to CSR and already supports many associations. We have an adapted pricing policy if you are an association. We invite you to contact our team to learn more.

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