Save time by automating the management of your email signatures

What if you could finally become free of managing all your company’s email signatures? What if you could deploy Outlook email signatures to all workstations and devices –all from one workstation?

We made your dream a reality. No-brainer guaranteed.

Hundreds of signatures deployed from a single workstation

Automate the management of all your employees' email signatures. In just a few clicks, you can apply uniform email signatures to all their devices. ​

Users are autonomous and can preview their email signature before sending, then choose the appropriate email signature based on the recipient.

Transparent and secure synchronization

Thanks to synchronization with your directory (Azure AD or local), all your users’ information is automatically and securely pre-populated.​ You can deploy your email signatures on Outlook, Outlook Online, Mac, and mobile in a few clicks thanks to our native connectors.

Letsignit is supported and approved by Microsoft

In addition to our Microsoft Gold Partner status, we have been working with Microsoft teams for nearly 10 years to constantly improve our GDPR & ISO compliant cloud offering, which is 100% integrated with the Microsoft environment.

This unique and privileged relationship with Microsoft allows us to offer the strongest technical and security guarantee on the market.

Don’t take our word for it.
More than 1 million people trust Letsignit with every email they send.

I've been using Letsignit for two and a half years, after trying other email signature products at previous companies. Letsignit stands out from the competition thanks to its strong AD integration and excellent customer support. Additionally, their feature set continues to evolve and become more robust.
Larry Schachter
Director Of Technology
Perfectly integrated with the Microsoft 365 & Outlook platform, Letsignit perfectly meets the needs of large accounts with disconcerting simplicity!
Olivier Lanilis
ISV Lead
Letsignit has been an amazing partner for the Office Extensibility team. They not only helped design, but also were pioneers in building and testing solutions using our new Signature APIs and event-activated Outlook Add-ins.
Juan Balmori
Principal Product Manager
Letsignit is easy to set up and administer. Signatures look great and it tracks marketing metrics and click rates. It also allows for easy navigation when setting up URLs on our signatures. The value of this tool has been proven!
Danny Murphy
Partner, Technology & InfoSec
Deploying Letsignit to users and integrating it with Office 365 was very easy. The ability to sync specific groups from Office 365 is a nice feature.
Brian Menzel
It strikes a great balance between being flexible and easy for people to use, without requiring any HTML or design skills. The support team has been very helpful, and new features are released regularly. The software has been very stable.
Daniel Laughland
SVP of Software Engineering
500 equipped employees

Give your Marketing team a turnkey solution

Free yourself from the chore of email signature management. With Letsignit, communication departments take over to create email signature models that are 100% aligned with your brand. Design signatures from the Drag & Drop designer or a wide choice of templates. Then assign them to desired employees.

More than that, Letsignit allow organizations to transform email signatures into a high-performance and low-cost communication channel!

Email is personal.
That’s why security is our top priority.

& secure
Highly scalable 100% cloud platform hosted on Microsoft Azure
Certified with ISO 27018 and ISO 27001,
the highest global standards for information and data security
& tests
Regular security audit & penetration tests
Learn more on security
How does it work?
Your data belongs to you
Not just anyone can install Letsignit. It takes a Global Admin to deploy the Letsignit App or the Add-in for Outlook. Once installed, Letsignit will pull user information from Azure Active Directory via the Microsoft Graph API. We’ll use that data to add the appropriate signature when composing an email.

Your email content never passes through Letsignit’s servers. Letsignit signatures are embedded into your email, but we never see what you type or send.
Your data are only yours
Not just anyone can install Letsignit. It takes a Global Admin to deploy the Letsignit App or the Add-in for Outlook. Once installed, Letsignit will pull user information from Azure Active Directory via the Microsoft Graph API. We’ll use that data to add the appropriate signature when composing an email.

Your email content never passes through Letsignit’s servers. Letsignit signatures are embedded into your email, but we never see what you type or send.

Resource library

Dive deeper. Unlock the full potential of your email signatures.
asked questions
How is the email signature solution deployed?

Once your project is launched, our team of experts will work with you to understand the scope you want to cover, your specific needs, and your expectations for the project launch. How many users do you want to equip? Which deployment mode suits you? What timeline do you want to keep?

You will then be accompanied throughout the deployment phases. It can take as little as a few business days!

If your organization has more than 500 people, you will benefit from our 'Large Accounts' support, which you can discover here.

What is the user experience like for our employees?

What is the user experience like for our employees?

  • If you opt for the Letsignit Add-in for Outlook, they will have a dedicated space in their Outlook account where they will be able to view the signatures and campaigns assigned to them.
  • If you opt for the Letsignit Desktop APP, they will be able to preview all their signatures and campaigns in this space. If they want to change their default signature to another one when sending an email, this will be done in their signature library in Outlook.

In both cases:

  • They preview their signature before sending an email and choose from signatures assigned to them.
  • Based on the permissions granted, they will also be able to modify their personal information such as their name, position, or address in these spaces.

In short, they have autonomy in their email signature, but you keep control on the field, signatures, and banners they can edit or use.

Can my employees have multiple email signatures available to them?

With our "multi-signature" feature, your employees can benefit from multiple email signatures. No technical manipulation is required. Thanks to our Add-in for Outlook or the desktop app, they can change their email signatures as they wish with just a few clicks.

Regarding the creation of email signatures, you can make several variations such as:

Everything has been thought of to go further in the personalization process based on the recipient of your emails.

Can I import an HTML email signature into Letsignit?

Yes. Thanks to our expert mode, you can design the email signature of your dreams down to the pixel! Simply import your HTML code and preview the signature directly in the platform before deploying it to your employees.

If you need guidance, our experts can help you step-by-step or even design a signature for you.

How is the internal directory synchronized with the solution?

Not all companies manage their directory in the same way. We propose three methods to synchronize your directory with Letsignit, in just a few clicks:

Once the connection is done, don't worry. If you change user data on Letsignit, your directory will not be impacted.

However, if you want to use Letsignit data to update your directory, you can download an updated CSV file from the platform and reinject it into your directory.

Regarding “Green IT,” have you implemented measures to limit the digital footprint of email signatures?

If sending emails has an impact, non-optimized email signatures also have an impact. An unsuitable format or an image that is too heavy considerably increases the size of your signatures... and therefore, your emails.

As a responsible economic actor, we contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions and those of our customers in several ways:

  • Optimization of the weight of signatures and campaigns in emails.
  • Green features: lightening of signatures during response/transfer emails, possibility of not embedding images, implementation of lighter signatures for internal exchanges.
  • Integration of a 'Switch to Teams' widget to encourage your employees to continue their exchanges via chat, rather than email.

As we are increasingly involved in sustainability initiatives, our priority in 2023 is to develop even more green IT functionality.

What support is provided?

You have 24/7 access to our support via our online chat or directly by email at:

What are the benefits of Letsignit for the IT department?

An email signature management tool provides multiple benefits for your IT team. As an example, for a company with 200 employees, the average time spent manually managing signatures represents 100 hours/year. The financial cost is estimated at $3,250/year.

Our objectives are therefore to:

  • Reduce the time spent and the costs related to the manual management of your employees' email signatures by automating this time-consuming task.
  • Contribute to the growth of your organization by allowing the communication, marketing, and sales departments to use their email signatures as a ROI-generating sales support tool.

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