Seamlessly integrate with the tools you use and trust

Connecting Letsignit with your tools is effortless and almost automatic. The solution synchronizes with your existing information system without adding an additional layer to your infrastructure.

In short: simple connection, automatic data updates, and most importantly, no maintenance required once the connection is established.

Get the most out of Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange

Your favorite email services just got a even better. Letsignit is a Microsoft Gold Partner and we’ve collaborated with Microsoft for more than 10 years.

That means you can enjoy a secure email signature tool that integrates directly with Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Exchange.

Compatible across your favorite devices and email tools

Letsignit email signatures automatically connected with your preferred CRM and Sales & Marketing tools to ensure the right message always reaches the right audience.

Enjoy a user-friendly email signature experience on mobile and desktop.

Email is personal.
That’s why security is our top priority.

& secure
Highly scalable 100% cloud platform hosted on Microsoft Azure
Certified with ISO 27018 and ISO 27001,
the highest global standards for information and data security
& tests
Regular security audit & penetration tests
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Easy to implement at scale. Enjoy local 24/5 support.

1-1 dedicated experts for deployment, customer care, and customer success.
Live chat support with response in less than 1 minute.
24/7 US and CA local support with a 98% satisfaction rate.
Product tour videos, help center with 400+ FAQs, and monthly web training sessions.

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asked questions
Are email signatures deployed on all devices used by employees?

Yes, the solution has been designed to guarantee the display of your email signatures on all media: computer, tablet, mobile and web. No more display and format problems. Your collaborators' email signatures will always be optimal, whatever the device!

How is the solution deployed?

Once your project is launched, our team of experts will work with you to understand the scope you want to cover, your specific needs, and your expectations for the project launch. How many users do you want to equip? Which deployment mode suits you? What timeline do you want to keep?

You will then be accompanied throughout the deployment phases. It can take as little as a few business days!

If your organization has more than 500 people, you will benefit from our 'Large Accounts' support, which you can discover here.

How long does the technical setup take?

While the deployment process includes several steps, the technical configuration is very quick. We estimate the configuration time to be 1.5 hours. To do this, we need to define all the ins and outs of the project, which justifies the different stages of deployment.

Is it possible to manage email signatures by branch or by department?

With our "multi-branch" feature, you can manage thousands of signatures – and with this, several different languages, logos, and directories. Each subsidiary has its own Letsignit workspace where designated administrators can create, assign, and manage signatures and banners according to their specific needs.

Is it possible to manage an on-premise migration?

Sure! If your organization is in a hybrid on-premise & Microsoft 365 environment, Letsignit still allows you to equip your employees without much extra effort. To discuss your needs, we invite you to get in touch with our team by scheduling a personalized demo.

What is the user experience like for our employees?

What is the user experience like for our employees?

  • If you opt for the Letsignit Add-in for Outlook, they will have a dedicated space in their Outlook account where they will be able to view the signatures and campaigns assigned to them.
  • If you opt for the Letsignit Desktop APP, they will be able to preview all their signatures and campaigns in this space. If they want to change their default signature to another one when sending an email, this will be done in their signature library in Outlook.

In both cases:

  • They preview their signature before sending an email and choose from signatures assigned to them.
  • Based on the permissions granted, they will also be able to modify their personal information such as their name, position, or address in these spaces.

In short, they have autonomy in their email signature, but you keep control on the field, signatures, and banners they can edit or use.

How do you support your customers?

From the very beginning of the project, we assign specialized functional and technical experts to accompany you throughout the deployment process.

After the installation of the solution, you will always benefit from support. Even though the platform is simple to use, it is essential for us to guide you until you are completely comfortable! To do so, you will benefit from a dedicated Customer Success rep who will accompany you at each step of your Letsignit experience: sharing best practices, advices, trainings... your Letsignit BFF!

They will make sure to provide you all the Letsignit know-how in order to make sure that you use the full potential of your email signatures. You’ll also have access to over 100 FAQs and our online chat.