The fastest way to design, manage, and update team-wide email signatures

From 50 team members to 500,000. No matter your team size, get the most out of your email signatures. Say goodbye to inconsistencies and mistakes in your employees' email signatures.

Email signatures are the most overlooked
marketing channel, see for yourself.

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potential clicks on your email signatures
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On-brand email signatures – in just 3 clicks

Import your logo. Letsignit automatically generates email signature templates based on your brand colors.

Use the Drag & Drop Designer to customize each signature template to meet your brand charter. Then, make it your own with dynamic links, social network icons, appointment calendar, rewards, and more.

Set the new standard across every device

Assign each email signature template to specific employees, teams, or campaigns. Personal information is automatically prefilled.

Letsignit signatures look great, no matter the device (PC, tablet, and mobile). Team members can select from design templates, ensuring the best signature for their email recipient.

Say goodbye to mistakes in your email signatures

Email signatures update automatically across your whole team. Letsignit uses your company directory to securely prefill the personalized signature data from your team.

No more headaches when a new employee arrives or you need to change employee information.

Don’t take our word for it.
More than 1 million people trust Letsignit with every email they send.

Campaigns & signature templates are incredibly user-friendly. If you've ever had to manually update email signatures for all your staff when, for instance, you change your logo, you know how time-consuming and tedious it can be. This tool save you so much time and effort.
Jules Latournerie
Head of Marketing
85 equipped employees
I love the control that Letsignit gives us over our entire team's signatures. We can make changes to their signatures remotely, without having to access their computers. We can also create custom variable fields to easily pull in information for each user with just a few clicks.
Annie Burch
Creative Director at UpSwell
In order to ensure global communication and maintain our brand identity internationally, we have decided to take advantage of our employees' email signatures using Letsignit. This has been in place for almost 10 years, since June 2022!
Digital Communication Officer
3,000 equipped employees
The solution is easy to get started with, user-friendly, and customizable. The team is responsive and always pleasant when you have a question or need help with something. I highly recommend this excellent service!
Kim‑Mai Buiba
Internal Communication Manager
500 equipped employees
We rolled out a rebrand this week and Letsignit helped tremendously. We are beyond thrilled to see everyone’s signatures finally consistent and professional-looking.
Ivanka Kostial
Lead Designer, Marketing
90 equipped employees
With Letsignit, there are no more outdated or image-format signatures! They are now all up-to-date and linked to our social networks, website, or specific campaigns!
Damien Marty
Information Systems Manager
135 equipped employees
Read the success story
Letsignit is a tool that is both simple and powerful for standardizing employees' email signatures and also treats the signature as a new media. It can be used as a low-cost acquisition channel. All of this integrated into Microsoft Office 365.
Carole Benichou
Director of Microsoft 365 Division
Before Letsignit with our old signatures, we couldn't add banners or do anything else. Everything was complicated. Although some things were possible, it took a lot of time for IT to create all the signatures.
Elodie Mescam
Senior Digital Strategy & Marketing Manager
Read the success story
I love the ability to change signatures and ad campaigns with just a click thanks to Letsignit. We used to have issues with uniformity, but this is no longer a concern for us.
Luis Pontillo
Digital Marketing Executive
Letsignit is: easy to integrate, easy to manage, easy for users, and easy to use.
Alaa Eddine Elhimer
Tech Administrator
5,750 equipped employees

Customize email signatures for every marketing campaign

1-to-1 emails are an effective way to multiply the impact of your marketing. With Letsignit, you can easily align every email signature across your organization to match your latest promotion and content.

It’s never been easier to get the word out.

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Dive deeper. Unlock the full potential of your email signatures.
asked questions
Is it possible to track the number of clicks on email signatures?

Yes, with the 'Campaigns' offer, it is possible to track the number of clicks on the email signatures of all your employees in the 'Statistics' area of the platform.

You can then access a detailed or global view of the number of clicks on the email signatures of each employee. You can use the search option to target a specific signature or a given period. Finally, you have the possibility to export all statistics to an Excel document.

If you launch campaigns with banners inserted in your email signatures, you can also access their performance via this same space.

Can we add links to social networks, our website, and appointment-setting applications such as Calendly?

With Letsignit, you can easily add social network icons in your collaborators' email signatures and link to your company pages. Also, our "attributes" feature allows you to manage personalized URLs for each of your collaborators such as their individual LinkedIn profile.

And that's not all: you can add links to an appointment-setting application, allow your customers to leave reviews easily, and integrate our 'Chat on Teams' widget to let anyone start a discussion via Microsoft Teams chat.

Can employees update their signature information themselves (number, function, etc.)?

It’s up to you! As an administrator of the Letsignit platform, you choose whether or not to grant modification rights to your employees. These permissions are managed on an attribute-by-attribute basis, which means that you can decide to allow the employee to change their phone number, but not the address of your premises, for example.

This feature applies to all attributes in your directory, including custom attributes created on Letsignit. When your employees change one or more attributes, your directory is obviously not affected.

Why it is important to standardize our email signatures on a large scale to ensure our identity and brand image?

It often happens that employees make their email signature their own: custom format, bad fonts, colors inconsistent with the brand standards... all of this has an impact on your brand!

A consistent visual identity is considered authentic and outperforms a perceived weak one by 20%. And, your customers are 2.4 times more likely to buy your products.

With Letsignit, take back control over your brand identity by standardizing all your email signatures. Our tool has many features that allow you to customize your signatures by department, by audience or by subsidiary. Not to mention the possibility of carrying out campaigns within your email signatures thanks to our Campaign offer.

What is the user experience like for our employees?

What is the user experience like for our employees?

  • If you opt for the Letsignit Add-in for Outlook, they will have a dedicated space in their Outlook account where they will be able to view the signatures and campaigns assigned to them.
  • If you opt for the Letsignit Desktop APP, they will be able to preview all their signatures and campaigns in this space. If they want to change their default signature to another one when sending an email, this will be done in their signature library in Outlook.

In both cases:

  • They preview their signature before sending an email and choose from signatures assigned to them.
  • Based on the permissions granted, they will also be able to modify their personal information such as their name, position, or address in these spaces.

In short, they have autonomy in their email signature, but you keep control on the field, signatures, and banners they can edit or use.

Can my employees have multiple signatures available to them?

With our "multi-signature" feature, your employees can benefit from multiple email signatures. No technical manipulation is required. Thanks to our Add-in for Outlook or the desktop app, they can change their email signatures as they wish with just a few clicks.

Regarding the creation of email signatures, you can make several variations such as:

Everything has been thought of to go further in the personalization process based on the recipient of your emails.

Regarding “Green IT,” have you implemented measures to limit the digital footprint of email signatures?

If sending emails has an impact, non-optimized email signatures also have an impact. An unsuitable format or an image that is too heavy considerably increases the size of your signatures... and therefore, your emails.

As a responsible economic actor, we contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions and those of our customers in several ways:

  • Optimization of the weight of signatures and campaigns in emails.
  • Green features: lightening of signatures during response/transfer emails; option to not embed images; and implementation of lighter signatures for internal exchanges.
  • Integration of a 'Switch to Teams' widget to encourage your employees to continue their exchanges via chat, rather than email.

As we are increasingly involved in sustainability initiatives, our priority in 2023 is to develop even more green IT functionality.