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A great workplace combines exceptional people with challenging problems. Curious to know more about our mission, values, vision, promise, and people?
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We help you get the most out of your email signatures.
Maximize brand awareness by turning every employee into an ambassador.
Unleash employee potential and performance by improving team-wide engagement.
Increase demand and stay ahead of the competition by never missing a sales opportunity.

Our story

Letsignit's founder, Damien Neyret, has been at the heart of email-related challenges for nearly 20 years. After founding Mailinblack, an anti-spam solution that protects employee mailboxes from cyber attacks, he quickly became interested in the other big challenges revolving around employee emails.

One such challenge was the complexity of automating and maintaining employee email signatures. In 2013, Damien founded Letsignit to give companies better tools for managing, designing, and deploying on-brand email signatures.

Damien believes that the interpersonal email is one of the most overlooked communication opportunities in a business. From showcasing an employer brand and connecting more deeply with employees to generating business leads, Letsignit uses signatures to help you get more out of email.

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Corporate social responsibility is a key pillar of our identity

CSR at Letsignit is built around 3 dimensions: our solution, our employees, and our role in the community.

We have joined the MIEUX collective, composed of about 20 entrepreneurs who seek to share their CSR best practices in initiatives related to sustainability and inclusion, to act in favor of circularity, sobriety, and inclusion of a resilient and radiant society.

The Letsignit Family

Letsignit is home to passionate, energetic, and innovative people who believe in making email better for everyone.

Meet our management team

Emilie Peythieux
Chief Customer Officer
Nicolas Lehovetzki
Chief Product & Technical Officer
Capucine Roche
Chief Marketing Officer
Damien Neyret
Founder & CEO
Anthony Poyac
Worldwide VP Sales
Laura Primeau
Chief Marketing Officer
Romain Corredera
Chief Technical Officer
Ibitokun Adje Afouda
Head of Presales & Special Project
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Behind the scenes

Day to day, we love working to good music, enjoying meals (and drinks) together, and collaborating in a dynamic, caring, and international environment. We bring many perspectives and backgrounds together to solve big challenges, celebrate one another’s victories, and unite around the common mission of making email signatures better for everyone.

Hybrid vision

Our team is located all over the world. Letsignit has multiple offices as well as many fully-remote team members. We want to give you the most optimal environment for achieving your best work.


We believe success is the result of surrounding yourself with smart people and empowering them to work at the best of their ability. That means thorough training, access to tools and resources, and a supportive work environment.

The deeper work

At Letsignit, we support several organizations that are dear to our teams' hearts: the Marseille Design Club, Recyclop, Time for the Planet, 4L trophy, sports associations, and more.
How we got here
Brand creation, Marseille
Office opening, Montreal
Microsoft Silver Partner, Worldwide
Global distribution, Worldwide
Office opening, Seattle
Fundraising #1, Worldwide
Microsoft Gold Partner, Worldwide
Support & Customer Care team creation, US & Canada
Add-in Outlook, Worldwide
500 000 users, Worldwide
Fundraising #2, Worldwide
ISO 27001 & ISO 27018, Worldwide
1 Million users
Our offices
Marseille HQ, France
50 rue Breteuil
13001 Marseille

Marseille HQ, France
50 rue Breteuil
13001 Marseille

Marseille HQ, France
50 rue Breteuil
13001 Marseille