The ultimate guide to email signatures: inspirations, best practices, and use cases

Every day, 9.59 billion emails are sent in the US. What if you started to take advantage of this simple, yet highly effective communication tool?
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Discover how to ensure the consistency of your email signatures by following our tips and recommendations during their creation.
Explore a wide range of more than 50 campaign use cases that can be duplicated for your company.
Explore valuable tips and recommendations to unlock the full potential of this underestimated channel and optimize its performance.

What is an email signature?

An email signature is a combination of text and/or images at the end of your professional emails.

It includes your contact information and information specific to your company and position. But that’s not all.

To ensure consistent branding, you can use a generic template that all your employees will use. Easy to say, not so easy to execute, right?

To go further, you can also make it interactive to multiply your marketing efforts and grow your business.

email signatures: inspirations, best practices, and use cases

The email signature: the communication channel par excellence!

Today, with the multitude of tools at their disposal, most companies no longer give importance to the marketing potential of this channel that they all already have. However, if your company has more than 1,000 employees, email represents a potential volume of 800,000 impressions. That’s huge! All without having to spend a single penny on advertising.

To be effective and generate a sense of trust, your email signature must be impeccable: clear, readable, and error-free on all types of devices and apps.

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What's on the agenda? Designs to inspire you, tips from experts, and more than 50 use cases of campaigns to duplicate for your business.