The ultimate guide to email signature management on Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 (M365)

How many hours a month does your team spend helping coworkers fix, update, or implement theire mail signatures? Let’s make it zero.
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Discover the process of delegating email signature management to ensure seamless implementation and automation
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01. Having employees implement their email signatures is not efficient.

Why not automate the process?

Outlook is one of the world’s most popular email clients – so, chances are if you are reading this your company already operates on Microsoft 365. While Outlook comes with the latest technology and ongoing updates from Microsoft, you know very well that using add-ins and integrations can enhance the platform even further.

Email signatures are a critical piece of any business’s operations in Outlook. If you find your IT team wasting time implementing signatures, then you are likely already familiar with the following pain points:

  1. Setting up email signatures is tedious and must be done manually or by using scripts which need to be regularly updated.
  2. Signatures must be updated with a change in job title or branding.
  3. There is no simple way to audit or see whose signatures are out of date without checking manually.

In this e-book, you will find 4 primary reasons why centralizing your email signature management via an automated tool like Letsignit is the solution you need to eliminate these pain points.

email signature management on Outlook & Microsoft Office 365

02. Save the IT department’s time, money, and resources.

There’s nothing worse than seeing an employee’s email signature with the company name spelled wrong, an old logo included, or a distorted image inside.

email signatures: Save the IT department’s time

IT departments often end up managing email signatures anyways, because of:

  • Lack of basic HTML knowledge among employees.
  • Exaggeration or adjustment of information by employees.
  • Broken formatting and off-brand content implemented.

This ends up with your IT team implementing one of two solutions:

  • Implementing hundreds of employee email signatures by hand.
  • Using scripts that easily break and must be continuously updated to push through email signatures.

How an email signature management tool can help: Automation.

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