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Everyone sends and receives emails – now is the time to take advantage of this simple but effective communication tool . Let’s discover how, with the guide. ebook - increase your marketing results with email signatures
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On average, an employee sends about 30 emails each workday. For an organization of 100 employees, that’s about 3,000 emails going out every workday. That’s a lot of communication that can make a good impression and market your brand without having to increase your advertising budget.

Let’s start with the definitions of email signature and signature marketing:

An email signature is a combination of text and/or images at the end of your emails with your personal contact information and company information. It is one of the most important tools in communicating with potential and existing customers. You can use eye- catching and interactive designs to give your recipients a way to directly contact you without fail.

Like a logo or tagline, an email signature is integral to your branding.

01. What is email signature marketing?

Email signature marketing (ESM), also referred to as email signature advertising, is the practice of utilizing email signatures for strategic messaging instead of just a sign-off for your name. It helps brands maximize each email and turn corporate email sign-off into an effective lead generation tool.

It’s typically not a highly utilized space, but ESM allows marketing, sales and communication teams to encourage readers to respond by contacting them directly, scheduling a meeting or subscribing to their promotional list. Email signature marketing is an ingenious way to connected with your customers and ensure they get the information they need from you.

Think of email signatures as digital business cards. This is something that has seen very little advancement but can be updated with a new design and information to make it a medium for brand promotions or marketing!

But email signatures are not just business cards for the digital age. They can also be a reliable and valuable communications channel. It all boils down to how you can use them effectively to achieve your goals.

Increase your marketing results with email signatures

02. Email signature trends & statistics.

Have you ever doubted if direct emails are still a worthwhile marketing strategy?
A quick overview of email signature marketing will soon prove that IT IS.

Here are a few email marketing stat to drive this home:

  • 4.3 billion by 2023
    The number of global email users will is estimated to be 4.3 billion by 2023. That’s over half of the world population.
  • 32%
    The Hubspot State of Marketing reported 23% of brands have experimented with different interactive elements in email, while an additional 32% are planning on trying it soon.

It is the most personal medium and access you can ever have to build brand loyalty and engagement.

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You will discover how email signatures can strengthen your brand and enhance your marketing efforts! We'll share our secrets through statistics, real-life examples, and best practices.