February 7, 2020

4 tips to create an efficient email banner

Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
The email signature allows you to showcase your brand, communicate, recruit on social media, share news, and boost your web traffic. And don’t forget the primary objective: obtain a maximum number of clicks to optimize your conversion rate!

A short and impactful message.

The goal of your banner is for it to be clicked! To achieve this goal, use your points of differentiation to build your message: what is your competitive advantage? What do you have more to offer? A discount, an innovation, a service?  If you have a sales proposition, shine a light on the unique benefit of your offer. You can go further by announcing a special offer to draw attention, such as “50% discount” or “limited time offer”.  

A few characters to convince.  

The shorter and quicker to the point, the better! It is easier for your recipient to understand. For example, Buying, renting? You’ll find it here!  It can resemble a slogan and it doesn’t take long to read, and most of all, it leaves a lasting impression on your recipients.  

The 7 Cs method.

Most importantly, communication should be adapted to your audience. You should always have the following in mind:  

  • Clear
  • Concise
  • Consistent
  • Correct
  • Concrete
  • Convincing
  • Courteous

The message should be the first thing that catches the recipient’s eye and should take up most of the space of the banner.

Content Manager banner

A visual that stands out, that reflects your brand.  

Not too big, not too high! Email signatures should not look like mass emails. The max recommended dimensions for your banner should be 600 x 200 px.Choose relevant images and illustrations that reinforce your message.The text should be readable. If you use a background/dark image, use a font style that is clearer.

An appealing CTA.

The most fundamental aspect of your banner: the call-to-action! Once again, go for a clear statement and an easy-to-grasp customer benefit. What is key is the number of clicks. For example: Become a homeowner: at this price, we are moving in!

The button should look like a button, an element the recipient can click on. To support the active form of the CTA, you can have a more dynamic shape than a simple rectangle and/or icon that make the recipient want to click.

There is no “best color” for the button. However, according to a few comparative studies, we remark that the winning looks rely on one principle: the contrast. What counts is not a red or green (or even neon) CTA, but that it is different than its direct environment and that it can be distinguished more easily.

When adding a text to the CTA, try to choose a color that is readable (no white on a light color). Choose the right location: the eye naturally goes to the right, but it can also be visible if placed on the left. And since your CTA is the most important element that your recipients should not miss.It should be big!

A few examples: “Learn more”, “Watch the video”, “Register to the webinar”, “Click here”, “Download the app”, “Free trial”, “Take the survey”, “Buy”. The use cases for email signatures are endless!

Email Banner

A targeted redirection.

It is not rare to find banners that redirect recipients to a homepage. Error! For the best conversion, direct your traffic towards an appropriate page, such as a dedicated landing page. The page should relay a promoted offer but also an offer with a similar visual to the one in the banner. To create it, determine your goals and optimize your contact form and URL. The CTA should direct the recipient to exactly where you wish to have them.

Despite all the advice presented to you, do you lack ideas or time? Our teams are here to help you!  

About the author
Amandine is the Head of Acquisition at Letsignit! Initially a content specialist, she now actively contributes to the profitability of acquisition channels: SEO, SEA, SMA, SMO... Amandine is also one of the pillars of Marketing at Letsignit! For more than 5 years, she has been participating in and initiating marketing projects and campaigns that systematically reflect her vision, writing style, and creativity (which can also be seen in all of her colorful outfits that brighten up the day of everyone she meets).
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