May 21, 2020

Deploy email signatures in 3 clicks with the Letsignit Add-in for Outlook!

Wassim Achkar
Product Marketing Manager
Officially launched at Microsoft Build 2021, the Letsignit Outlook Add-in allows IT Admins to instantly deploy Letsignit to all users directly from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

For most companies, managing email signatures is a headache from A to Z. Between setting up HTML email signatures, tracking down employees to implement them, and the need to manually synchronize them on multiple devices, the task quickly becomes tedious!

Today, all that is over.

Direct collaboration with Microsoft to revolutionize the deployment of email signatures on Outlook & Microsoft 365

After months of co-development with Microsoft Teams, we are delighted to announce the launch of the Letsignit Add-in for Outlook, which aims to transform the experience of email signatures in Outlook. From the deployment by IT teams to the end-user experience!

Deploy Letsignit email signature to all your employees in 1 click

IT Admins no longer need to deploy the Letsignit Application on all their employees’ workstations in order to provide them with signatures! Email signature deployment will now be handled by the most natural trusted third party for a Microsoft 365 user: Microsoft itself!

With the Add-in, M365 administrators can now instantly deploy thousands of Outlook email signatures to all their employees, on all their devices, directly from the M365 Administration Center. A real solution for large enterprises in particular!

Transparent authentication and a seamless process

Once deployed, users have instant access to their assigned email signature by logging into Outlook (Desktop or Web App).

Users will receive a notification when a new signature or banner is available and can then choose the most relevant signature for their recipients.

On the technical side, no action is required by end users thanks to the transparent authentication, linked to the Microsoft 365 account and Azure Active Directory.

Letsignit is the only solution offering the possibility for users to view and update their contact information directly in the Add-in without changing any Active Directory information. The process could not be more transparent!

The right banner for the right audience.

The Add-in is able to automatically differentiate internal and external recipients.

This new feature will allow companies to leverage specific banners to target internal stakeholders.

This is a great opportunity to use email as a channel to accelerate and carry out change, boost employee engagement or relay internal communication projects.

email signature addin outlook

Thanks to the Add-in, IT teams can now rely on a simple, fast and even more secure deployment of Letsignit. It is then up to the communication and marketing departments to set up the email signatures and banners according to their different objectives! It’ s an opportunity for them to transform the email channel into an opportunity to communicate in an engaging, targeted and cost-effective way, while reinforcing the company’s brand image thanks to the standardization of all the collaborators’ email signatures!

« Letsignit has been an amazing partner for the Office Extensibility team because they helped not only to design but also to be pioneers in building and testing solutions using our new Signatures APIs and event-activated Outlook Add-ins. »

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Wassim is a Product Marketing Manager at Letsignit. He ensures that our solution aligns with market expectations and perfectly meets the needs of businesses. He is a fundamental element of the marketing team, ensuring that the product's value is well conveyed across all services and channels. In addition to his marketing role, Wassim also plays a key role in animating the Letsignit football team. He knows how to seize the most opportune moment to make decisive passes!
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