Strike the Right Balance with Your Internal Communications

Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
Internal communications is a balancing act. The challenge is to stay connected with your team members without overwhelming them with information. Review good content mix.

Content mix is a content marketing concept—a strategy that relies on the creation and distribution of content to increase visibility. The content mix defines the format and themes that will be broadcast at regular intervals to achieve this goal. For example, a company may decide to broadcast one video per month, one infographic every two weeks, and one article per week to maximize visibility without diluting their message. Just like baking, the trick lies in carefully measuring each ingredient.

In internal communications, content is well-balanced when each touchpoint is wisely used. But of course, there's no magic recipe. Each company has their own communication strategy and content format tailored to their target. Nevertheless, there are some best practices to highlight.

Use the rule of three

The secret recipe: one-third company updates, one-third industry news, and one-third current events.

The first concerns company updates: projects, campaigns, recruitment, and offices. This is a way to increase visibility for services and keep associates informed of the company’s progress. Industry updates, on the other hand, help communicate market trends and the status of competitors. Finally, the “current events” section provides an opportunity to develop more direct communication and to address various topics that have an impact on the company—a must-have in recent months.

Shake things up

As with external communications, a variety of formats keeps the audience’s attention. What’s more, this variety can help you address employees in different ways: top-down with a newsletter, interactive using a quiz or survey, entertaining with images or gifs… Again, there’s no “one size fits all,” but each company can find the mix that serves them best. Email signatures figure prominently among formats that lend themselves well to internal communications: a banner at the end of every email sent to each associate facilitates smooth and efficient communication.

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Respect expertise

There’s no question of only hearing from the CEO. Each business unit has the opportunity to speak on their sector, their projects, and their successes. Internal communications can give voice to a company’s different departments in such a way that everyone feels included and involved. Why not prioritize employee engagement and give associates the opportunity to contribute? It’s important for the internal communications content mix to specify who's speaking, when, on what subject, and in what format.

Internal communications has grown even more important with the recent increase in remote work. It helps team members stay in touch with one another, and—to a certain extent—compensate for the decrease in personal exchanges. But to achieve its goal, this communication must be well-balanced. The solution: a coordinated content mix that varies topics, formats, and transmitters.


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