Employee Engagement
April 16, 2021

Digital Workplace: A Program for Employee Engagement

Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
The Digital Workplace creates a unified digital work environment that is accessible anywhere, anytime. By improving the employee experience, it also fosters team engagement.

A single space to manage everything. In a Digital Workplace, employees find all the tools they need to do their work. Internal social networks, creator and note taking tools, calendar, email software, documents… everything!

But the proliferation of tools poses a problem: organizations today use an average of 16 SaaS tools versus just eight in 20151. This is why the Digital Workplace doesn’t simply compile the tools; rather it integrates them and facilitates their interactions. For example, when you send an email, an email signature with a link to switch from your emails to Teams can be added automatically to facilitate interactions with both internal and external audiences. That’s integration.

Benefits of the Digital Workplace

It is estimated that employees with access to easily accessible applications waste 17% less time on manual processes2. And employees who use their time more efficiently on tasks with higher added value are naturally more engaged. The large majority of DSIs believe moreover that digital empowerment could lead to at least a 5% increase in revenue over three years3. And yet fewer than half of all companies have a form of Digital Workplace today, and often only a part of it4: intranet, company social network, Office 365 suite, etc.

A major disruption

Despite its usefulness, the Digital Workplace remains underdeveloped due to the significant effort required to implement it. Because this digital space concerns every member of a company, each member must be involved. The top management’s role is to drive change, and it is within employees’ best interest to refer their problems up the corporate ladder so they can be taken into account in the selection of a customized solution.

Hence the usefulness of communicating the Digital Workplace program to all participants through a massive internal communication campaign. A campaign that will, notably, take place through the email signature: a widepread and effective touchpoint that can be managed centrally.

Digitalization of the physical office

In fact, the email signature is itself part of the Digital Workplace. It is both your office’s business card and promotion brochure. It is also an entirely separate channel from the Digital Workplace, as it can be used to disseminate information to internal or external audiences. A centralized email signature management solution like Letsignit can create a distinction between signatures for internal communications and for external ones.

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As such, the Digital Workplace expands as we digitize our daily processes. A simple inventory of your physical office will make this clear… the magazines, newspapers, and reading material will be found under the “News” tab. What about coffee? You can pour yourself some during a virtual coffee break. And the Lunch & Learn session will simultaneously replace both the cafeteria table and the bulletin board in a wide variety of tools that improve the employee experience, and thus, their engagement.

As a relatively new concept, the Digital Workplace has not yet revealed its full potential. In addition to being a digital platform, it is a virtual environment that overlaps the physical office – without necessarily replacing it. An environment that facilitates collaboration within the context of work digitization. A program that harnesses the full power and energy of an organization towards a common goal is the key to a successful transformation.



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