September 20, 2020

The decisive moments when your visual identity counts

Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
Brand identity and visual identity… if their link is immutable, it is even more so at specific moments for your company. Discover our tips and tricks to make sure there is never any confusion for your target audience!

Brand identity vs. visual identity

Before diving into the crucial moments for your visual identity, let’s take a look at the link that exists between your visual identity and your brand identity.

Your brand identity is the perception that your customers have of your company: your values, your positioning, your commitments, your value proposition, etc.

Your visual identity is the way in which you will succeed in expressing your brand identity through images: through a logo, typeface, colors, the layout and design of your website, your photographic universe, etc.

3 reasons why you should not neglect your visual identity

  1. Be quickly identified by your contacts
  2. Capture attention and make a lasting impression
  3. Demonstrate a real guarantee of quality and confidence

If your brand identity is not clearly defined, your customers will do it for you by analyzing the visual components of your communication media. And real consequences will be felt. Indeed, if the visual elements you use do not reflect your values, your audience will quickly see the inconsistency.

4 decisive moments for your visual identity

1. Throughout your business relationships

When you interact with your prospects, customers, or partners, your identity must be immediately identifiable. Whether it is your logo, your website, or more precisely your emails, your identity must be consistent and harmonized on all your communication channels.

Your email signatures, often overlooked because of their complexity to manage, are like your virtual business card. If they are not harmonized between all your employees, your company image is quickly degraded and you lose credibility. Our centralized and automated email signature solution helps you regain control over your brand image to ensure overall consistency, with ease!

2. When recruiting

When you are expanding and recruiting, your brand needs more than ever to maintain consistency across all your channels. Certainly, your visual identity is an indicator of your corporate culture. Neutral job offers without a visual identity miss an opportunity to showcase your brand. Displaying the right colors, images and logo will reinforce the positive perception of your company.

The email your candidate receives letting them know they got the job is equally as important and should have the same effect as the job offer. Be careful not to neglect your identity through your email signature, as it will kick off a good relationship between your new employee and your company.

email signature visual identity

3. During your events

Before, during, and after your physical or digital events, your visual identity must be harmonized so that a common thread links each step of the journey for your customers, prospects, and partners. Whether it is your communication banners (email signatures, social networks, displays) before your event, your stand on-site, or your satisfaction surveys, make sure not to neglect your brand identity!

4. When you change your graphic charter

Any change in your visual identity deserves a big announcement! Whether you want to give your image a facelift or your brand has merged with another, your audience is curious to discover your new look.

If you need to update all your communication materials and make sure that all your employees have access to them, also think about communicating this announcement in your email signatures.

At Letsignit, this is what we chose to do in the summer of 2018. In just a few clicks, we created and deployed new email signatures, more in line with our new graphic charter, and launched a new campaign to communicate this change of identity.

In the space of 2 months, our email signature banner was clicked more than 3500 times! Our curious recipients were eager to discover our new identity, our new website, and our new key messages.

Letsignit email signature visual identity

In the end, ensuring consistency between your brand identity and your visual identity is a long-term job, which is carried out throughout the year. To help you, tools such as Letsignit exist and have already helped thousands of companies.

Thanks to Letsignit, everyone has the same signature template, our brand image is standardized and relayed by the greatest number of people. There is no longer any doubt between our different entities. The information is all up to date, for all employees and the management of all subsidiaries is done centrally.
– Nicolas Brocq, Groupe Argus – See the full success story
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