Success Story
June 7, 2023

Camera Corner Connecting Point completes its O365 MSP offer with Letsignit

Interview of
Arthur Ebbinger
Director of Cloud Services
Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
Camera Corner Connecting Point (CCCP) is a full-service IT and AV Integrator based in Green Bay, WI. One of its most important and fastest-growing divisions is being a Managed Service Provider (MSP). They made the switch to Letsignit to answer their customers’ requests for a simple email signature manager. The bonus: it costs less and has fewer issues than Exclaimer. Letsignit integrates into its Office 365 bundle package, completing its full-service product.

Why did CCCP choose Letsignit?

A solution for managing email signatures was a constant demand for CCCP by their clients. They were selling Exclaimer, another email signature solution, but ran into several issues:  

  • support tickets that took too long to resolve,
  • no deployment guidance,
  • and too costly.

Their customers asked for another solution. CCCP found Letsignit at the Microsoft Inspire conference. With Letsignit, they receive:

  • a high return on investment (40% margin),
  • a partner onboarding that facilitates selling and deploying the solution,
  • a team that assists them in ensuring the solution runs smoothly for their clients.

What is the value of Letsignit to CCCP’s Office 365 bundle package?

Letsignit offers a solution to a problem many of CCCP’s clients' experience.

It was their clients who came to them asking for a better way to manage their email signatures.

When CCCP implemented Letsignit, the clients gave positive feedback right away: easy-to-use, built-in support, and features that cater to companies of all sizes.

The bonus: many of the customers have already heard of Letsignit before receiving a demo.

Arthur Ebbinger, Director of Cloud Services at CCCP, said:

“The documentation and marketing material that Letsignit provides is really great, the product ends up selling itself. Often, when we present the product or do a trial, the customer has already gotten their hands on it.”

How long does it take to deploy Letsignit?

It only takes the staff at CCCP 15 minutes to deploy Letsignit.

It is a streamlined process that only takes one click to get the client’s database and signatures integrated.

Letsignit also offers the Partner Portal which helps CCCP to deploy and manage every customer all from one platform. Overall, it helps them to deliver a good service.

A few words about Camera Corner Connecting Point (CCCP)

Camera Corner Connecting Point began as a store selling only cameras in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1953. Today, the company has grown in every way possible: 140 employees, Microsoft Gold Partners, Microsoft Azure certified, and was acquired by ACP CreativIT LLC in October 2018.  

Today, they are a Value Added Reseller for IT, AV, Managed Services, Physical Security and VoIP, and they still have a specialty electronics retail store (learn more at

Now in the MSP business, CCCP offers Microsoft capabilities bundled into a product for their clients. They stand by their mission to provide world-class technology solutions with a commitment to their customers, vendor partners, and employees while providing an environment that encourages profitable growth.

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