January 18, 2022

How effectively do email signatures perform? 749 marketing decision makers respond

Capucine Roche
Chief Marketing Officer
In their new role as Chief Connecting Officer, the marketing director must carefully evaluate the role of each tool, and strict adherence to performance expectations. This is a good reason to get interested in email signatures—embedded right into the dozens of messages we send every day.

An orchestra conductor. This is the role that the marketing director has always had to take on in making a brand shine, playing a score composed of the multiple communication channels at hand. According to Gartner, in 2022, this role will evolve even further: the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) must adapt to the position of CCO (Chief Connecting Officer).

But is this just a semantic shift? Well, in reality, it highlights two developments: the ability to create strong bonds between the brand and the company's employees and our connections, which are now played out through complex, interweaving channels—and not just digital.

319 billion emails in 2021

In this hybrid mix of online and offline marketing, email still carries a lot of weight. For one simple reason: in the professional world, no newer channel—including all the new collaborative apps and platforms—has even come close to completely replacing it. In 2021, around 319 billion emails1 will be exchanged worldwide. That's 15 billion more than in 2020 and 26 billion more than in 2019.

On a company-wide basis, each employee sends an average of 30 emails per day. This means that email has the type of reach that no company can afford to ignore. Some legitimate questions, then, are how to capitalize on this reach and what concrete results we can reasonably expect.

In essence, transforming corporate email into a full-fledged marketing channel comes down to finely utilizing the email signature, which carries the brand identity and can promote a call to action. Two bits of good news here: solutions exist, and the results are measurable—and have been measured.

Double-digit conversions

The best people to report on these results are our customers, who use Letsignit, our email signature management solution, on a daily basis. Among them, we surveyed 749 marketing decision-makers from groups of more than 100 employees.

Brand visibility - traffic leads - employee information

So, what are the results? These marketing decision-makers estimate that the email signatures implemented via Letsignit have increased the readability of their brand portfolio by an average of 34%2. That means less confusion and dissonance among entities.

We get this same percentage—34%2 on average—when asked to evaluate the increase in employee involvement and information thanks to the signatures.

This is a considerable figure given current hiring challenges or when it comes to communicating the right information at the right time— especially in the context of the democratization that has been brought on by remote work formats.

Internal and external email signatures

Finally, based on the clicks recorded on email signatures, the generation of traffic and contacts increases by 25%. A relevant channel to relay all types of marketing operations: events, surveys, offers, content, testimonials, rewards, and more.

After all, how many channels can boast of more than 20% or 30% conversion rates? Don't bother looking, there aren't many...

Inside this comprehensive and in-depth guide, you’ll learn about email signature marketing and what you stand to gain by including this highly underrated but powerful tool in your marketing mix.

Download The ultimate guide to increase your marketing results with email signaturesl

Inside this comprehensive and in-depth guide, you’ll learn about email signature marketing and what you stand to gain by including this highly underrated but powerful tool in your marketing mix.

Granted, there's nothing magical about these results. But to achieve them, you must have the tools to automate the integration of email signatures and adapt them to the best of your ability—both internally and externally and based on the roles of your employees and the intended recipients. It's also a matter of integrating email signatures as full-fledged levers into your campaign scenarios—an effort that's easy to justify today in light of the results we've just shared.

1Statista 2021
2Average from answers given via a survey conducted in September 2021 among 749 marketing decision makers within companies with more than 100 employees, Letsignit customers.

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Capucine is the Chief Marketing Officer of Letsignit and has been one of the pioneers of the company, actively contributing to its development for over 10 years. Since the beginning of the solution, she has provided the right direction to make it shine at the national and international level. She also promotes well-being and equity at work and, above all, represents women in the SaaS sector. Her secret to maintaining extreme Zen-like calm on major projects is practicing yoga sessions between noon and two.
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