March 13, 2019

The Letsignit Large Account accompaniment in 5 steps

Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
Experienced in Large Account support for nearly 10 years, our clients are accompanied by specialized pre-sales engineers during all phases of the solution deployment. Discover how!

01. Kick-off: Defining the needs & constraints

During this first point, the sales team introduces the Letsignit project manager who will:

  • Present the different methods of deployment and the different functional elements;
  • Ensure the functional compatibility (that the product responds to the needs);
  • Gather information from the infrastructure in place in order to anticipate the maximum possible incompatibilities.

02. Implementation & framing the POC (Proof of Concept)  

At this moment, the different parties on the client-side of the project (at the minimum two: an IT and an Administrator contact) are presented to their two project managers: one in charge of the technical project and the other in charge of the functional project. The latter has a key role in the management of the project. A real bridge between the IT Management and the Communication department on the client’s side, they ensure proper deployment. In charge of the project’s core tasks, the functional project manager will also oversee the handling of all the eventual identified needs. Furthermore, they anticipate feedback from clients in a proactive way. What is a POC? Common in 95% of large account projects, the Proof of Concept allows the set-up of a test deployment in a reduced environment. It is done even before the confirmation of accorded licenses. In general, with a duration of a minimum of 30 to 90 days, the POC serves as a crash test for evaluating whether the product corresponds to the functional and technical needs of the client. This implementation allows:

  • Re-identifying the needs of the communication and marketing (ex: block the attribute modifications made by users);
  • Defining the settings of POC and the planning;
  • Deploying the POC via the creation of the account;
  • Giving a date to the project.

03. Technical Integration workshop

Following the POC, new topics may be introduced. The Letsignit project managers are always flexible and responsive to best support the customer in their discovery of the product. Once the POC is validated, a new technical conference is programmed for re-defining the massive deployment plan and its scope. During this meeting, the technical project manager accompanies the client’s IT management in the different settings of the platform such as:

  • Synchronization of the users, groups, and attributes;
  • Supporting the deployment execution: Letsignit App, Push API, SMTP connector.

04. Presentation and training workshop

Once the technical component is in place, the Letsignit functional project manager accompanies the Administrator contact in taking charge of the tool. They will then present a new complete demo of the platform to ensure their understanding. They will also be accompanied in:

  • The creation of signatures;
  • The programming of signatures;
  • The discovery of the analytics tool.

05. Massive deployment and production

And finally, for this 5th and final step, the Letsignit project managers will ensure efficient execution of the precedented tasks. They will re-evaluate the need for the target vision and launch the final deployment for the chosen setting. Once the client is deployed, the support is not finished, because even if the platform is simple to use, we deem it important to continue supporting the client just until they are completely autonomous. Also, in case of need, there are several supporting materials available to them: more than 100 FAQs, our online chat, and even our direct phone line to their specialized project managers.

A testimonial collected alongside Stéphanie Le Nevé, Project Manager and Frédéric Campagna, Technical Project Manager.

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