What Touchpoints Should be Used for Internal Communications?

Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
Internal communication touchpoints are the channels used for delivering messages to associates. These can take many forms, including emails, newsletters, meetings, email signatures, and more.

Effective internal communication allows for the easy transmission of information and encourages employee engagement. It's an essential tool (even more so in the current period) for uniting team members around common projects and values. While internal communication is almost constant for obvious reasons, it does require some coordination to remain consistent across all channels.

In addition to the often-blurry distinction between online/offline, these channels or touchpoints can be categorized into two groups. First, there are “synchronous” touchpoints, which facilitate real-time interaction. There are also “asynchronous” touchpoints, which do not require a direct response. Team members tend to consider the former as a damper on productivity, while the latter allows everyone to maintain control over their schedule.

1-to-1 email

This is often the key touchpoint for internal communication. In one day, team members receive an average of 121 emails and send 40. Because their opening rate hovers right around 100%, professional email remains a particularly effective touchpoint. What's more, it's asynchronous: even if a reply is required, it rarely has to be instantaneous.

Pro: Asynchronous and informal
Con: Can get lost in the fray


Still an email, but a bit more formal. Newsletters are sent on a regular basis and have the benefit of presenting curated content on a reliable schedule. They are anticipated and keep a predictable line of communication. Nevertheless, this is a totally one-sided touchpoint with no back-and-forth interaction.

Pro: Keep to a schedule
Con: Top-down communication

Email signatures

Here, we're talking about a particular section of professional emails—the signature. An email signature that contains the sender's contact information, but also—more and more often—a CTA in the form of a banner. An advantage is that this banner is present on all emails sent internally, not just those sent by executives. This approach for internal communication campaigns remains subtle and effective.

Pro: Present in every internal email
Con: Not personalized
(without a mail signature automation and centralization tool such as Letsignit)

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Meetings offer lots of opportunity for interaction. But because they’re synchronous and unpredictable by nature, they can be difficult to optimize. Whether they take place in person or virtually, this degree of interaction is irreplaceable, but more difficult to integrate into a communication plan.

Pro: Optimal interactivity
Con: Synchronous and time-consuming

Instant messaging

Internal instant messaging software has seen a lot of growth among companies. Exchanges are becoming increasingly digitized, and messages often replace in-person conversation. However, they’re not well suited to coherent communication, and their synchronous nature can become stressful or lead to a decline in productivity.

Pro: Replaces conversation
Con: Can generate stress

We should also mention social networks (more suitable for external communication), signage (which excludes teleworkers), the Digital Workplace, and many others. Each presents advantages and disadvantages, and a well-balanced approach to internal communication is designed to leverage the benefits each channel offers. The trick is finding the right balance.

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