Success Story
June 23, 2023

The CCI Alsace Eurométropole chose Letsignit & relieved their IT

Interview of
Emmanuelle Haaser
Business Intelligence Manager
Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
The Alsace Eurometropole Chamber of Commerce has trusted Letsignit for the last 6 years! Waste of time, problems with identity, errors in their email signatures…several issues resolved by Letsignit. Discover the testimony.

A need to centralize and harmonize  

At the start of the project, each agent managed their own signature, and the Director of Communications deplored a non-harmonization of email signatures:  

  • Bad logos  
  • Discrepancies in the job titles/departments when the information was present.  

The Chamber of Commerce of Alsace Eurometropole noticed an inconsistency in their messages (most of all in the diffusion of their identity) as well as an under-utilization of this communication channel. They needed to find a solution to their problem.

A need to save time

The CCI manages different websites and the different services attached had very specific needs: several entities and therefore, several identities.

The IT department, which at the time had the task of managing the email signatures, found their process outdated and had other much more strategic business subjects to deal with.

The service searched for a tool that allowed them to centralize the management of the email signatures for their 400 agents, all while being in adequacy with their main need: the management of multiple identities.

A big plus: Letsignit was referred by the French Union of Public Purchasing Groups and had a purchasing process that was simple and quick!

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A successful project  

Firstly, the project was carried out thanks to optimal project management between the two technical and functional interlocutors at Letsignit and the 2 internal project managers of the CCI (Technical and Communications interlocutors).  

Secondly, when the CCI was faced with the problem of an out of date directory, the expertise of the Letsignit agents and their defined process enabled them to implement a solution.

CCI Alsace Euroméditérannée email signatures

More than positive feedback

Today, the agents understand the necessity of harmonization and perceive Letsignit as an essential communication tool:  

  • 15 signature templates in total  
  • 20 simultaneous communication campaigns  
  • 1 month of duration on average  

At the beginning of each month, the marketing department defines a theme depending on their operations. However, the agents can also juggle with the specific banners according to their needs. The campaigns are all now ultra-precise and the administrators are content with the simplicity of the solution! Thanks to the centralized platform, the assignment of missions is clear: the Communication team manages the contents and their implementation. This allows the IT department to refocus on directory maintenance and to devote itself to more strategic projects. Finally, this new system saves them time and money!

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