Success Story
June 23, 2023

With Letsignit, Exco Group expands the reach of its accounting firm!

Interview of
Cyril Darmouni
Associate & Partner Manager
Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
Exco Group is a global accounting firm specializing in auditing, taxation, and consultation related to the creation, development, and transformation of businesses. The company functions in 18 countries across 140 member firms. Exco chose Letsignit to automate and standardize the management of its email signatures and to communicate its key activities and promotions effectively to all its partners and clients.

Before Letsignit

Cyril Darmouni, Managing Partner at Exco, had to manually configure each employee's email signature, individually, on their respective workstations. He describes this task as "a real H-E-L-L" – logging in on each computer, opening Outlook, integrating email signatures into Outlook, repeating the operation on Outlook Online and on their mobile phones, etc.

Also, the signatures were of no interest to the marketing department. As a result, the marketing team was missing out on a great opportunity to distribute their campaigns at a lower cost!

After Letsignit

One day I asked myself; isn't it time to find a method to try to standardize all the signatures? While looking for an email signature tool, I noticed there were many out there, but very few of them allowed for an easy update of all the employees’ signatures.” – Cyril Darmouni
Discover Letsignit

Exco, chose Letsignit because:

  • It is easy to use and updates information quickly
  • It standardizes the signatures of all employees in just a few clicks
  • It enables the transformation of each 1:1 email into a marketing channel

Cyril gave the example of one Exco office having a new physical address. In just 5 minutes, Cyril was able to make the change in Letsignit’s platform and thus, update the signature of each employee - without them even noticing.

In addition, their signatures have now become an excellent means of communication. Employees have been assigned dedicated campaigns communicating this change of address.

“When new employees join the company, I no longer need to spend time configuring their signatures. They just need to install the app in a few clicks, and this way, I save a lot of time" – Cyril
Exco accounting firm email signatures

Letsignit – the ideal partner for accounting firms

“We need to send communications throughout the year. Our business is constantly evolving, and our campaigns must relay the key messages of our industry. For example, we had communications dedicated to the crisis, communications dedicated to what is going on internally in the company, reminders of tax deadlines, etc. The goal is to be as close as possible to our customers to guarantee them transparency. In our eyes, the range of possibilities for communicating via signatures is truly limitless." – Cyril
Exco accounting firm email signatures

Exco’s partners and clients have not been shy about sharing their thoughts on the email signatures:

  • Your signatures are great.
  • Your signatures are very professional.
  • The appointment scheduling directly integrated into the signature is really brilliant!

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