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June 23, 2023

Letsignit sets the Pace for simple email signature management

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Matthew Parks
Director of Information Services
Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
Pace Center for Girls is a Florida-based non-profit, providing girls and young women an opportunity for a better future through education, counseling, training, and advocacy. Before working with Letsignit, employee signatures were not consistent and other email signature management solutions forced Pace to use different solutions for their hybrid (partly on-cloud and partly on-premise) environment. Now, with Letsignit, Pace can manage and update the branding of 600 employee signatures from one simple dashboard.

Needing more consistency and flexibility

Having employees manage their own email signatures led to mismatched logos, random formatting, and custom “quotes of the month”.

The result was a confusing (and often unprofessional) experience for the email recipient who could not easily find and use the key information meant to be delivered in an email signature.

At the same time that Pace was looking to put internal processes in place for their email signatures, they were also working on revamping their branding to make everything consistent. It became clear that having each team member update their own email signature was inefficient and would lead to inconsistencies in both information and branding.

Searching for an “all-in-one” solution

At first, Pace tried other email signature management solutions but found that instead of making workflows easier, it made them harder.

The original solution was installed onto their servers (on-premise).

When Pace made the business decision to move to a hybrid environment (partially on-cloud), their email signature manager could not operate in both environments from one account.

This resulted in two different platforms, two separate bills, and too much difficulty.

Letsignit’s solution allowed Pace to have one platform, one price, and the ability to manage email signatures both on-cloud and on-premise with one solution.

When asked about what attracted them to Letsignit, here is what the team at Pace had to say:

Letsignit was cheaper than the other solution we were using, was all centralized on one platform, the product is simple, and the employees are responsive.
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Easy employee adoption and additional value

The team at Pace enjoys how user-friendly and intuitive the Letsignit platform is for both managers and employees.

The team was especially excited that the system automatically recognizes and adds signatures to email replies and forwards, a benefit not available with their previous providers.

About Pace Center for Girls

Pace Center for girls began in 1985 and has changed the lives of more than 40,000 girls throughout Florida and into Georgia. Pace’s nationally recognized model is leading the way to transform the lives of girls and young women with innovative teaching models, a data-driven approach to social and emotional learning, and a positive influence on public policy impacting girls.

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