March 1, 2021

Virtual events are the new norm – here’s how the email signature can help

Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
The event industry has abruptly transformed over the last year. With the emergence of a global pandemic, the majority of physical events were canceled, postponed, or replaced with digital counterparts. Getting the word out on virtual events is more important than ever – why not use your email signature?

Consumer experience reimagined as events shift to digital

At the beginning of the year, Covid-19 brought our lives to a sudden halt. With a pandemic in our midst, nearly everything we do around the globe had somehow been impacted or interrupted. In response to the pandemic, governments around the world enacted travel bans, social distancing measures, and laws banning social gatherings. During this time, the event industry has faced some major challenges. With an abundance of caution due to the health crisis, physical events have been called off, pushed back, or converted into a digital event. According to a survey by Event Marketer from April 2020, 87% of event marketers said they have canceled events and 66% have postponed events as a result of COVID-19. Since then, cases have grown exponentially, resulting in even more safety measures being put in place. How can Event Managers continue to have successful events and transform these constraints into new opportunities? There has been a push to adapt quicker than ever before. As mentioned on Bizzabo’s Event Outlook Report more than half (60%) of event professionals pivoted an event to virtual due to the impact of COVID-19. With the cancellation of many in-person events, demand for virtual events skyrocketed. Here are some of the realities for an event planner in 2020:

01. Budget: Do easily with less

The pandemic has forced companies to rethink the distribution of their budgets. While business managers choose to err on the side of caution, event coordinators are still under pressure to deliver memorable experiences while working with stagnant or decreased budgets. Events as we knew them disappeared. Event planners changed the format of the events, and how they allocated their spending. Without in-person gatherings, there is no longer a need for a variety of expenses that can be a major drain on the budget. No more expensive fees for speakers to be at your event, they can simply take an hour of their time for the event and stay home! For virtual events, you can skip distributing the budget on venue bookings, chair and table rentals, food and beverage vendors, and decor, goodie bags, and more. The majority (93%) of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events moving forward. As events shift to digital, B2B Event Managers must prioritize solutions to ensure that the digital content is being distributed optimally and is high quality. Although the budget may be reduced, Event Marketers take on a new form of digital expenditure items, encouraging them to do better and reach more people with less.

02. Tools: Finding ways to create and enhance virtual connectivity

Many companies are already using videoconferencing internally for meetings. Digital connectivity can also be used very easily for external events, and there is no shortage of tools. Event Managers can choose from ZOOM, Microsoft TeamsGotowebinar, Cisco, Livestorm, and more. All of these tools allow for live content, and the right one for your event will be based off your specific needs and budget. Once you have selected the platform, you can decide the format for your event to follow. There are a multitude of possibilities:

  • Power Point presentations: ideal for informing participants
  • Live web demonstrations: ideal for focusing attention on one or more features of your product
  • Live videos: ideal for an interview
  • Virtual workshops: ideal for creating value around a subject
  • "On demand": ideal for complex subjects, which can take time to assimilate

 Choosing the right format and right facilitators are important to an engaging virtual event. Along with that, make sure that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection and the right equipment. For some a webcam is enough, for larger webinar events, HD camera and professional microphones might be ideal. Experiment with techniques to build engagement, such as discussions, Q&As, or even a live hangout before or after the event. Using the right tools and thinking about how to get creative with your digital event is necessary to engage your participants.

03. Promotion: Personalization is essential

American adults spend over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading, or interacting with media. When nearly half an adult's day is spent consuming content, personalization is the best way to capture consumer attention. With the amount of advertising messages a consumer is exposed to a day, your B2B prospects no longer take time to analyze everything they receive. When promoting an event, the content must be strategically delivered over the right platform, to the right person, at the right time! Promoting on third-party media can be a good way to showcase your event, but can be rather expensive and lacks personalization. The most powerful tool for direct communication? 1 on 1 emails. Personal emails may serve a bigger purpose than you think. Are you using them to deliver a personalized message and maximize promotional capacity? This is where Letsignit comes in, the leading solution for email signature managers! Why you should use your email signatures to promote events:

It is an essential, low cost-communication channel

Email reaches everyone, everywhere. On average,40 business emails are sent and 121 are received by an employee every day. If your company has 50 employees in total, that's 2,000 daily opportunities to promote your event for free. Best of all, 1 on 1 emails have an open rate close to 100%.

Thousands of targeted ad opportunities

By using the email signature in your 1 on 1 emails, your employees become your greatest promoters without having to make any effort. With Letsignit, you can create beautifully designed banners as a subtle way to reach your target audience for events. Event Managers can plan accordingly to incorporate email signatures into the promotion of events throughout the year. Banners can even be attributed to certain employees or departments to have an ultra-targeted campaign. The possibilities are endless, and you are always guaranteed to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

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Do you understand what is at stake behind email signatures? Here are some tips you can follow if you were to use this new communication channel for your events:

Pre-event: a subtle promotion at a lower cost

Add several banners to keep your audience both informed and excited about the event. For example, once the date of the event is set, create a “save the date” banner that will remind your recipients of the day of your event with each email received. Insert a registration landing page behind this banner, which will also allow them to register. Then engage your audience by letting them know who the keynote speakers will be. For those who are not registered, this may encourage them to do so!

Post-event: a new, more intimate way to collect your feedback

Your email signatures are a great place to distribute your recap blog, a satisfaction survey, a summary of the event with video, or a simply thank attendees.

email signature event banner

Letsignit is a solution that allows you to create unique promotional banners right in your email signature. This makes it easier for you when you are at the forefront of operational planning. Once you have programmed your banners, they will activate and promote the event without you having to put in any extra effort!

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Track your performance. 

Go one step further and assign targeted banners to the appropriate groups while also tracking their click-through success from start to finish of the event. You will be able to track the audience that comes directly from your banners to the pages of your event. You can also see the number of clicks received by each signature and banner globally, as well as by collaborator. Statistics allow you to see the return on your marketing efforts.  

Use email signatures everyday

Event Marketers – it’s time to rediscover the power of emails by implementing Letsignit in your marketing strategy. Use your email signature to promote your events and record their success. Between branding, employee advocacy, campaign management, Letsignit will undoubtedly be a powerful ally in the success of your event.

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