July 1, 2021

Letsignit revolutionizing the email signature experience with Microsoft

Wassim Achkar
Product marketing manager
As we celebrate 10+ years of tight collaboration with Microsoft, we realize that our strategic relationship goes way beyond our Gold Partner status. Our shared ambition comes from a common goal: to revolutionize the experience of email signatures in Outlook.

Fundamentally linked to the Microsoft ecosystem

When developing our email signature solution we wanted to add unquestionable value to Outlook users. Letsignit set out to do this through offering centralization and harmonization of email signatures for all employees, while facilitating better use of an innovative communication channel via the integration of marketing banners in all outgoing emails.

To make the deployment and integration of Letsignit as simple as possible, native connectors with Azure Active Directory, Outlook Web App or Outlook Desktop App have been developed. All this, with the aim of offering a secure and adaptive solution for companies of all sizes!

« Integrated into the M365 platform, Letsignit is effortless and perfectly meets the need for enterprise accounts »
Olivier Lanilis Microsoft - Letsignit Add-in O365 / M365

With just a few clicks, Microsoft 365 (Office 365) users can deploy email signatures created with Letsignit to all employees. The simplicity and reliability of our solution has helped more and more enterprises to easily leverage centralized, on-brand signatures. Just ask Vinci Construction, who rchose Letsignit to centralize and manage email signatures for all 24,000 employees.

Built on Azure for unmatched performance and security

Letsignit is a highly scalable cloud platform hosted entirely on Microsoft Azure. It is designed to welcome companies from all over the world:

  • adapted and available for multiple regions,
  • GDPR compliant,
  • ISO 27001 & ISO 27018 Certified,
  • local peering to optimize loading times with 24/7 on-call support.
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Letsignit Outlook Add-in, co-developed with Microsoft

After more than 2 years of collaboration with Microsoft’s R&D teams, we officially announced the release of the first Add-in for Outlook email signature at Microsoft Build 2021.

Taking the integration a step further, the add-in allows Microsoft 365 (O365) administrators to instantly deploy thousands of email signatures to all employees, on all their devices, directly from the M365 admin center. So no need to install third-party applications anymore!

On the user side, it couldn’t be any more seamless. No action is required by employees, who can preview their signature directly on Outlook and choose the most appropriate signature according to their recipient.

Letsignit Email Signature Add-in for Outlook

Also, this new Add-in for Outlook allows companies to go further in terms of communication. Indeed, if Letsignit already allowed the integration of marketing banners intended for all the external interlocutors of the company (special offers, white paper, events, etc.), the Add-in allows from now on to relay specific campaigns for internal company communications, boosting employee engagement, education and awareness.

Banner mail internal communications

A tool that promotes the adoption and usage of Teams

Supporting Microsoft’s digital transformation strategy, we launched the Switch to Teams feature. Our ‘Switch to Teams’ button appears in email signatures and allows any employee (internal or external) to instantly initiate a conversation via Microsoft Teams.

« Since the deployment of Switch to Teams internally at Letsignit, we have seen our use of Teams increase by 30%! »

A strong P2P player

Letsignit was the first French independent software vendor (ISV) available on Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. Since 2019, the email signature solution can be purchased in 141 countries via the Appsource.

For Microsoft partners, Letsignit is also available from the Microsoft CSP Portal, allowing resellers to bundle their Microsoft 365 (O365) offer with Letsignit directly.

This rapid and global presence on the Commercial Marketplace has earned Letsignit real recognition within the P2P ecosystem. Aligning our strategy with Microsoft has helped us to land and expand our network of partners beyond French borders, across EMEA and North America.

About the author
Wassim is a Product Marketing Manager at Letsignit. He ensures that our solution aligns with market expectations and perfectly meets the needs of businesses. He is a fundamental element of the marketing team, ensuring that the product's value is well conveyed across all services and channels. In addition to his marketing role, Wassim also plays a key role in animating the Letsignit football team. He knows how to seize the most opportune moment to make decisive passes!
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