January 10, 2023

How will our new feature revolutionize the internal communication?

Wassim Achkar
Product Marketing Manager
As a major turning point in the evolution of our solution, we are proud to announce a new feature is available: internal audience. The goal of this feature is to allow companies to go further in personalizing their email signatures according to the recipient - external or internal - of their emails.‍This development is made possible thanks to our collaboration with Microsoft.

A close collaboration with Microsoft.

For more than 10 years, we have been working hand in hand with Microsoft Teams to test and deploy new features and ensure their compatibility with your tools.Four years ago, we decided to take our collaboration with Microsoft's R&D teams a step further and create the first Outlook email signature add-in!

Officially launched in 2021, this Add-in allows M365 administrators to instantly deploy thousands of Outlook email signatures to all their employees, on all their devices, directly from the M365 Administration Center, without having to install any application.

Juan Balmori Microsoft - Letsignit Add-in O365 / M365

« Letsignit has been an amazing partner for the Office Extensibility team because they helped not only to design but also to be pioneers in building and testing solutions using our new Signatures APIs and event-activated Outlook Add-ins. »

This feature has been a real game changer for large organizations looking to deploy and manage employee email signatures at scale with just a few clicks. Since the launch of our Outlook Email Signature Add-in, thousands of email signatures have been deployed worldwide.

This new "internal audience" feature is the logical next step in the evolution of our solution and the utilization of the Add-in’s potential of the Add-in's potential.4Naturally, you are probably wondering what this has to do with internal communication?

Naturally, you are probably wondering what this has to do with internal communication? We'll come to that.

Personalized email signatures according to the recipient of your emails.

Letsignit already allows you to integrate and assign email signatures for all employees, but it is now possible to target them even more precisely.

You can now distinguish your signatures between your internal and external campaigns. Thanks to an intelligence overlay, our platform is now able to identify the recipients' domain names.  

With a preliminary organization of your internal campaigns, your emails to your employees will have a different signature and campaign, so you can promote purely internal messages.

This is a real answer to the needs of medium and large companies that are finding it increasingly difficult to engage and inform their employees in a new hybrid context.

Internal communication - Email signatures example

In practice, how does it work? Nothing could be simpler! All you need to do is create an email signature or a communication campaign as usual in the platform and then, when assigning it, select the internal audience.

Therefore, when your collaborators send emails to one or several other collaborators, the detection of your domain name will be done automatically, and your email signatures/banners will be adjusted in real time.

When sending emails to recipients outside your company, nothing changes. They will receive the signatures and campaigns that you have specifically assigned to them.

You are probably wondering, what are the concrete benefits for internal communication? Let's find out.

What is the potential of this feature for internal communication?

In the past, you could rely on the intranet or internal newsletters to communicate internally. Today, in a context where channels are multiplying and the “noise” is increasingly intense, the distribution of your internal messages or the promotion of your initiatives are proving to be complex.

It’s clear that your employees are solicited from all sides, whether through personal or professional channels. Communication experts (both internal and external) are struggling to reach their audience.

The messages generally go by the wayside, even more so with the rise of remote work.

As an indication, 90% of employees do not feel engaged in their work.

Aware of the potential of the email signature for companies, we wanted to help internal communication professionals make their actions shine and engage with employees.

Why rely on the email signature? The answer is simple. Your employees spend an average of 28% of their working day answering and sending emails.

So why not engage them where they pay attention? The automatic detection of the recipient (internal VS external) will allow you to address your employees, in a personalized framework, while overcoming the limits encountered by other channels. Therefore, you will be able to capture all your audiences and all types of employees (remote, freelance, etc.).

In addition, you will create a culture of operational excellence. You will share the company's strategy in real time, limiting misunderstandings, duplication, and indecision.

This feature represents a great opportunity to use 1-to-1 email as an internal communication channel.

10 ideas for internal communication campaigns to launch in your email signatures.

As you can see, thanks to this feature, you can now program signatures and campaigns specifically for your internal audience.

To help you get started, here are 15 use cases that lend themselves to this - although there are an infinite number of them in reality:

  • Share a suggestion box
  • Highlight your CSR initiatives
  • Invite and share information about an internal event
  • Launch a call for projects
  • Invite your employees to take a survey or a quiz
  • Launch a mentoring program
  • Communicate your new job offers
  • Share your successes and awards
  • Announce training sessions
  • Thank your employees

If you want to go further on the use cases, find here 5 use cases specific to internal communication and 7 examples relevant to change management projects.

We have produced two eBooks in which you will discover tips and use cases that are easy to apply. You’ll be able to strengthen the commitment of your employees or to carry out your change management projects – all with the help of your email signatures!

You will find tips and use cases to apply for strengthening the commitment of your employees or to carry out your change management projects – all with the help of your email signatures!

2 eBooks are available

The guide to leading change effectively

ebook change management

Tips and tricks for engaging internal communication

ebook engaging internal communication

We hope you will take advantage of the full potential of your signatures to improve your company's culture and the engagement of your employees.

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