How can you cultivate employee engagement? 5 ideas to promote through internal email signatures.

Amandine Fernandez
Head of Acquisition
How can you sustainably engage employees? This is one of the questions companies must resolve in order to maintain strong ties with their teams. Ties which need to be regularly strengthened through a variety of initiatives.

Go beyond well-being at work

We’ve gone from well-being at work to employee engagement. Well-being at work encompasses employees’ physical and mental health, with an underlying idea: battling psycho-social risks. Employee engagement goes even further. It is a dynamic and positive concept which seeks to create a strong emotional bond between the employee and the company – an engaged employee thrives and is efficient.

Different challenges, different solutions. It’s no longer enough to simply implement tools for well-being at work – customized work station, company psychologist, empowerment, etc. To attain the holy grail of engagement, companies must take a proactive role. They must implement tools that are a vector of involvement. Tools that can be easily and automatically inserted into employees’ daily routines. Without a doubt, the best way to  share these tools is through email signatures, a touchpoint that is both omnipresent and discreet.

Let’s take a look at several employee engagement campaigns that are easily integrated into email signatures.

Cultivate employee engagement: create an idea box

The best way to get employees more involved is to listen to their ideas. An idea box provides a virtual space where anyone can submit their ideas to improve company life. One way of creating ascending communication and taking an ethical approach is to establish fruit baskets or an internal or enterprise social network, launch an application, reduce supply expenses, etc.

Cultivate employee engagement: Announce a call for projects

More than just an idea, a call for projects offers employees the chance to formalize a concrete project. A specific theme can even be highlighted, such as social & environmental responsibility projects. By clicking on the banner, employees are taken to a form where they can fill in all of their project’s features. In a subsequent banner, employees will be asked to vote for their favorite project. The elected projects will be launched after a call for contribution has been put out to mobilize volunteers.

email signature banner employee engagement

Cultivate employee engagement: Conduct a survey

Voting for a project is not the only way to solicit employees’ opinions. A survey can shed light on their satisfaction levels and expectations. Results are clear and easily intelligible to managers. A short infographic can then be used to communicate the results during the next campaign.

email signature banner employee engagement

We have produced two eBooks in which you will discover tips and use cases that are easy to apply. You’ll be able to strengthen the commitment of your employees or to carry out your change management projects – all with the help of your email signatures!

ebook employee engagement

Cultivate employee engagement: Entertaining with quizzes

An equally interactive but more entertaining option: a quiz can also be easily added to banners. It could be about current events, the company’s history, a new project, sports, culture, etc. Obviously, the theme doesn’t necessarily have to be tied to the company. The answer key can contain some sort of reward and provide valuable information about employees’ interests.

email signature banner employee engagement

Cultivate employee engagement: Establishing a mentorship program

It’s not always easy to envision the next steps in one’s professional career or to anticipate them through training. By connecting more experienced employees with younger ones, mentorship helps guide the latter in their career. Mentors are not managers, and do not necessarily have to be company employees. Mentees can speak their minds and openly discuss their concerns and expectations in order to plan out their own careers. By associating it with a name or even a logo, a mentorship program can be efficiently promoted in email signatures.

email signature banner employee engagement

This list is far from exhaustive. Any actions that promote employee engagement should be considered. What matters is customizing each action to the company’s specificities, values, and needs. These actions should provide an opportunity to reintroduce dialogue that has often fallen to the wayside due to telecommuting. By promoting interactivity, cooperation and productivity are equally strengthened.

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