April 27, 2020

How to delegate the management of Outlook email signatures?

Wassim Achkar
Product Marketing Manager
In both small and large organizations, there is no efficiency without delegation. Even for the management of email signatures in the Microsoft 365 (Office 365) environment. Letsignit allows you to delegate signature management to respond to several use cases.

Having a consistent email signature is an asset to a company's image. However, delegating signatures can sometimes get tricky when it comes to the following:

  • international subsidiaries of large companies,
  • entities with different names,
  • integration of an entity resulting from a takeover, etc.

In theory, a global administrator can process all signatures. However, the organizational and geographical reality makes it more reasonable to delegate this management to dedicated administrators who are as close as possible to the employees and location.  

Delegating with local, legal and cultural specificities in mind

In the case of subsidiaries spread over several countries, practices are indeed varied. In addition to the language to be used, these differences concern the information to be included in the signatures, their prioritization, and their visual appearance. As a result, to avoid endless exchanges with a global administrator forced to juggle time zones, the best solution is to delegate signature management to a local administrator. Each subsidiary or entity will gain autonomy and reactivity.

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Delegate the management of signatures to your subsidiaries

In practice, the most common cause of delegation concerns is corporate subsidiaries.

Each local head office can benefit from a specific graphic charter, or even different logos, in line with those adopted in each geographical area.

Letsignit also allows you to choose between different logos to be integrated into your email signatures. Localizing marketing operations with the necessary reactivity is also an additional argument for entrusting the management of email signatures to a local administrator. Once this management has been delegated, each authorized entity can manage signatures and directories autonomously.

To carry out this delegation, all you must do from the Letsignit administration interface is to select the "Subsidiary" tab in the "Team" menu. From there you enter a unique criterion to create your subsidiary, for example, the country and the associated value: the target country or any other variable present in the active directory. Once these criteria have been defined, you can delegate the administration to one or more colleagues of the target subsidiary.  

Multi-tenant: an option to manage several directories between subsidiaries

Alternatively, your company may need to manage multiple directories (with different domain names) and still want to manage licenses from a single global administration account. This is a common situation in the context of company takeovers. To achieve this, you just need to rely on the "multi-tenant" function.

With it, secondary tenants (in instances of execution) can be added to an account associated with the main tenant. This is a good way to isolate the different directories within the same account. Once the tenant has been created and licenses allocated, a managing director can be appointed. Of course, at its creation the tenant is empty, it must be associated with a directory to feed the list of users.

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Customizing and importing attributes for your subsidiaries

Depending on the country or subsidiary, it may be necessary to modify the information contained in the signatures or within the directories.

Letsignit retrieves from Azure AD in 100% secure way all the information that is naturally eligible for an email signature (phone number, email, website, function, address, etc.).

But to adapt to the constraints related to the signature or to the governance of a subsidiary, it is also possible to add attributes and variables. These can be attributes present in the directory, an identification number (ID) to list the members of a service for example, or any other nomenclature variable.

In addition, these attributes can be customized within Letsignit. Each subsidiary or entity can create its own specific fields, to add a Baseline in the body of the Outlook signature or legal notice.

There are many possible customizations, and each entity can individualize and enrich its fields, both in the directory and in the Letsignit administration interface.

Partitioning and administering e-mail signatures by subsidiary or entity opens new perspectives, both for communication and for the company's image.

Letsignit's flexibility allows the delegation of its administration in just a few clicks, with no laborious maneuvers or complex technical devices. This facility to create separate and autonomous entities while maintaining the supervision of the tool by a "super administrator" gives you both total control over the platform and a very fine and capillary delegation. The best of both worlds.

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