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September 11, 2023

MICHELIN Connected Fleet harnesses the potential of its email signatures

Interview of
Elodie Mescam
Senior Digital Strategy & Marketing Manager
Nina Fazzino
Digital Project Manager
Recognizing the potential of email signatures for their business, the marketing team at MICHELIN Connected Fleet decided to transform their employees’ email signatures into a true communication channel. Formerly known as Masternaut, MICHELIN Connected Fleet is one of the largest providers of fleet tracking and optimization solutions and services in Europe. With over 400 employees and more than 50,000 customers, MICHELIN Connected Fleet is a market leader in Europe with leading positions in the UK and France.

So how and why did MICHELIN Connected Fleet decide to use email signatures?

Marketing needs, fluidity of internal communication, rebranding strategy... Discover the multiple benefits of the email signature through this unique testimony!

From a simple observation to a real need

Sometimes, all it takes is an exchange with an employee to identify a need. This was the case for MICHELIN Connected Fleet.

Initially managed manually by the IT department, email signatures were taking time to be deployed to all employees.

That's when Elodie Mescam, Senior Digital Strategy and Marketing Manager, and one of her colleagues came up with the idea and realized that there was a loss of image and marketing opportunities.

One question arises: How to manage hundreds of email signatures and deploy campaigns?

« With our old signatures, we couldn't add banners, we couldn't do anything. Everything was complicated. Some things were possible, but it took a lot of IT time to create all the signatures » explains Elodie.

That's when the need for an email signature management tool became apparent.

In addition to the desire to automate the management and deployment of signatures, the marketing department also wanted to take back control of the subject. The team wanted to be more creative, to be able to add banners and use email signatures as a real communication channel.

The search for a solution adapted to large companies and their subsidiaries

The MICHELIN Connected Fleet marketing team had to find a tool adapted to their needs to capitalize on their email signatures and deploy large-scale campaigns.

The Letsignit solution quickly emerged as the favorite, as it met all their criteria:

  • Automatically manage the email signatures of subsidiaries
  • Assign multiple email signatures and campaigns to employees
  • Monitor the performance of the deployed email signature campaigns
  • Be compatible with the company's IT tools
  • Security of data and personal information

« We really chose the Letsignit solution with IT to be sure of the synchronization with our tools and our internal directory. We also wanted a solution that was easy to implement and use so that we could have fun from a creative point of view. The other advantage is that we can also have visibility on the number of clicks made on the signatures, something that is not possible to measure without a tool. » Elodie says.
Discover Letsignit

Thanks to Letsignit, Elodie was able to easily and quickly create country-specific email signatures. The platform has a space dedicated to the management of subsidiaries and groups of people.

Whether they are in Europe or Australia, all employees have the same email signature, only the language differs.

To illustrate her point, Elodie took her own example. In charge of all digital marketing for MICHELIN Connected Fleet Europe, she has an email signature for each country.

This ensures the inclusion and commitment of employees from one country to another.

Branding and email signature: a winning combination

In 2022, the company underwent a major rebranding strategy to move from Masternaut to MICHELIN Connected Fleet. As with any rebranding, the task is difficult. The new corporate identity had to be applied to all communication channels and media, including email signatures.

This is where the tool becomes even more meaningful. In just a few clicks, the marketing team was able to deploy new signatures in line with the new corporate identity across all subsidiaries.

The creation of new email signatures in the MICHELIN Connected Fleet colors also made it possible to raise awareness and support all employees and customers in the change process. As email is the primary communication channel used by employees, the new email signatures and the new graphic charter were distributed in an optimal banner.

michelin connected fleet email signature

The email signature at the service of communication and marketing

The brand also took advantage of these new email signatures to deploy communication campaigns in all its subsidiaries. The marketing team is now completely independent in the management of email signatures. It can assign banners to the email signatures of its employees without any intervention from the IT department.

« Today, with Letsignit, I can create a banner for the UK signatures in 30 minutes and deploy them to all employees easily », says Elodie.

MICHELIN Connected Fleet's objective is to use email signature campaigns to relay its news, assert its expertise and share its events and highlights of the year.

« In 2023, we will be able to use the tool to its full potential by deploying more email signature campaigns. For the moment, we have only used 60% of the solution out of what is possible. It would also be interesting to use this solution at the group level », says Elodie.
michelin connected fleet email signature

In view of Elodie's determination to make full use of the marketing potential of the MICHELIN Connected Fleet e-mail signature, future communication campaigns look promising!

We can successfully say that the MICHELIN Connected Fleet email signatures have become a real communication channel and a focal point for all employees.

Letsignit in three words

For Elodie, the real added value of Letsignit lies in its flexibility, ease of use, and autonomy that can be demonstrated.

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